Can You Change Your Life in 30 Days?

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You can change for the better, if you set yourself 30-day challenges for areas you need to work on to improve the quality of your life. All you have to do is complete each challenge as best you can.

Set yourself the goal of improving in some significant way. The self-improvement guru Tony Robbins popularized this technique because it will help you find your purpose in life and do things you thought impossible.

You won’t radically change your life in such a short period, but you’ll break free from stuck states. You’ll shift your focus long enough to make life-changing decisions..

30 Day Challenge Ideas

Here are three 30 Day Challenge ideas you could set for yourself.

30 Day Fitness Challenge

If you never or rarely exercise because of a busy schedule or health issue, following an exercise routine for 30 days will help you develop a regular exercise routine. 

Join a gym near you to start. If, say, you live in a big city in California, like San Diego, then look for workout classes in San Diego that suit your fitness level. If you haven’t exercised for a long time, choose a beginner class.

body weight exercise plank

Although it’s possible to do an exercise like yoga every single day, you may want to run or lift weights only three times a week. Regardless of what exercise regimen you go with, the main thing is to make sure you do it consistently for a month. If that means setting up your own workout space at home, then do it!

Taking part in a 30 day fitness challenge has many benefits. It teaches self-discipline and motivates you to push beyond your imagined limitations. Additionally, you’ll build muscle, burn fat, increase energy, and improve your mental health.

30 Day Energy Challenge

If you feel tired and moody most of the  time it is probably because you’re unconsciously undermining your energy. Certain foods you eat might make you feel sluggish; or, perhaps, you don’t get enough sleep; or, perhaps, you’re always stressed out.

Unlike a fitness challenge, this one is less about doing something and more about noticing what drains your energy. Once you realize what you’re doing, you can make new decisions.

funny quirks of being a mom

For example, if you realize that you’re exhausted because you take on too many responsibilities, then you can decide what to do about it. Perhaps you might choose to drop or delegate things, say “no” more often, or try a stress-management technique.

In other words, by becoming more aware of the habits draining your energy, you can make new lifestyle choices.

30 Day Savings Challenge

If you’re like most people, saving money is always a challenge. But what if there was an easy way to make it a little bit easier? That’s where the 30 day savings challenge comes in.

This challenge can help you get into the habit of saving money, and can even help you put away some extra cash each month. So what is this challenge, and how can you take part?

The 30 day savings challenge is simple – for the next 30 days, you put away a set amount of money each day. This doesn’t have to be a lot of money, but it should be something you commit to doing daily.

It’s called a challenge because you may need to give up things like going out on weekends or skipping your daily cup of coffee for a week. If you’re looking for a quick and simple method to save money, this is a great method to try.

The 30 Day Savings Challenge printable worksheets I created are a little different in that it’s pretty flexible on how much money you need to save per day.

30 day challenge ideas - Savings Challenge printable

The key to success with these is that you’re not just putting away the same dollar amount each day. There are varying amounts and you can choose the amount that works for you on that day.

You will feel good when crossing off the big-dollar days while still knowing that you’re still on track even on smaller savings days. It’s kind of like how some diets build in a “cheat” day.

Whatever your motivation for wanting to save $500, $1000, or $2000 (or any other combination of them), if you have a precise strategy in place, it will be much easier to achieve your financial goals.

3 Tips for a Successful Shift

Making a personal transformation requires patience and dedication. 

Here are some tips to successfully complete a challenge:

  1. Be consistent. If you want to change your life, commit to completing every task you set for yourself during your challenge. No cheating!
  2. Be future-oriented. Instead of obsessing about what’s not going well for you right now, train your mind to think about what you will achieve.
  3. Be persistent. Just because something does not work right away does not mean it never will. Persist until you achieve your goals.

What Happens After 30 Days?

Using one of these 30 day challenge ideas, your mindset will change for the better. You’ll push past the inertia that held you back for a long time and discover a new direction in life.

The ultimate goal of a 30-day challenge is actually not to achieve a measurable result, but to break free from any inertia that prevents you from playing full out. Any gains you make is just a bonus. Since you have a short deadline, you’ll be able to stay motivated to finish what you started.

After your challenge, you can decide whether you want to embark on another 30-day challenge, or even begin a 60 or 90-day challenge to deeply condition your new habit.

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