8 Fat Burning Foods You Should Be Eating

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They say you are what you eat and it couldn’t be truer. If you eat nothing but unhealthy foods, you’re not going to be healthy. If you eat fat burning foods, you’re going to start losing weight by burning fat. If you’re looking for some fat-burning foods, here are some great choices you can make.



Whether you agree that tomatoes are a fruit or a vegetable, there is one thing everyone can get behind. Tomatoes are a healthy food that will help you burn fat, thanks to a compound called 9-oxo-ODA. Coupled with the lycopene and beta-carotene also found in tomatoes, the small red fruit is a huge fat-blaster.



Grapefruits are extremely underrated. It’s not a high item on people’s shopping lists if it makes the cut at all. These fruits look like giant oranges and are even better for your health. Not only are they packed full of antioxidants, but they’re also great for weight loss. Until recently, it was purely speculation that grapefruits can help you lose weight; however, studies have shown that people who begin eating grapefruit lose about an inch after eating them regularly.

Another study with obese people showed that most lost an average of nearly 4 pounds in a 12 week period, and the only change they made was adding grapefruit to their diet. Grapefruits have fat-burning hormones and they naturally suppress your appetite.


Hot Peppers

Have you ever felt like you’re sweating your fat off after eating a hot pepper? Well, you are right in a sense. Hot peppers do promote fat loss, so don’t hesitate to add them to your food if you love a spicy kick with your meals. Hot peppers get their kick from something called capsaicin. The higher the concentration, the spicier the pepper is.

Capsaicin has many different benefits that all contribute to fat loss. The main benefit is that it improves your ability to turn food into energy, which helps trim that belly fat. The next time you bite into food and realize the peppers in it are too hot for you, just remember what burns your mouth, burns your fat.


Olive Oil

Olive oil has been referred to as “liquid gold” because it’s a diverse and healthy substitute for other unhealthy fats and oils. Along will nutrients and powerful antioxidants, olive oil has many weight loss benefits. Swapping an unhealthy fat like vegetable oil or peanut oil will promote weight loss. You can find condiments that have olive oil in them to make them healthier. Olive oil salad dressing is a fantastic, low-calorie option to put on your salads. Mayonnaise can also be purchased with olive oil as a healthier option. Brands like Hamptoncreek only use natural and healthy ingredients in their mayo.


Salmon is one of the healthiest types of fish that you can eat. It’s full of omega-3 fatty acids, which offer several benefits for your health. These benefits include fighting inflammation and burning fat. They even help block fat storage, which can be the most difficult part of losing weight. Once you have a lot of fat stores, they can be more difficult to get rid of. Salmon and other fish are lean and full of protein. They’ll keep your body working to their fullest potential without any added fat calories.



Pork is one of the lowest fat meats that you can eat. It even has a lower fat content than skinless chicken breast. In research studies, people have been told to switch from chicken to pork exclusively for one month and they lost a significant amount of belly fat and lowered their BMI. The next time dieters are talking about nothing but chicken, you’ll know that pork is actually the way to go.



Lentils are something that lost popularity for decades, but they’re starting to make a comeback. They have a high fiber content, which is great for losing weight. This is because fiber fills you up and keeps you feeling full for a long time after eating. It’s also high in protein and will keep your cholesterol low. Its fat-fighting properties will allow you to burn fat quickly and keep you in good shape.



There is some confusion about beans in the weight loss world. Some people swear by beans while others don’t think they’re a great idea for weight loss. Beans can be starchy, which many dieters like to avoid. However, it’s a great replacement for high-carb foods like pasta. They regular blood sugar, aid in digestion, and they burn fat.

Burning fat stores is the most difficult and the most important part of losing weight. Make sure you eat these foods so you can burn fat fast.

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