4 Free Charity Apps You Should Be Using With Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go

We’ve already showed you which fitness apps to pair up with your Pokemon Go experience, now we want to show you which apps can help you give back to charity (at no cost to you!) while you’re playing the game. Some of the apps run seamlessly in the background while others require just a tiny bit more work like snapping a photo or ‘checking in’ but in the name of charity what’s a quick swipe or two? 

Charity Apps You Should Be Using With Pokemon Go

Charity Miles

Charity Miles 

Whether you’re playing Pokemon Go or biking around the neighborhood – even shoveling snow, you can help earn money for charities like the ASPCA or the Wounded Warrior Project with this super simple app. So far Charity Miles has earned over $1.7M for charity. 

Walk for a dog

Walk for a Dog App

Originally designed to give back to animal shelters and rescues while you walk your dog, this app also works for walking your pet Pokemon. The app works in the background, tracking your walk while you hunt Pokémon and hatch eggs.  The more people actively walking with the free Walk for a Dog app, the greater the donation to your selected animal organization!  It’s good for you, your dog, and your favorite shelter or rescue.

So far 8 million walks and counting have been taken for over 6000 shelters in all 50 states.

Donate a Photo

Donate a Photo 

The Johnson & Johnson Donate a Photo app has been a long time favorite of mine. Chances are while you’re out catching them all, you’ve stopped to photograph a sunrise or sunset, take a victory selfie or snap a picture of other Pokemon Players. Now you can turn those photos into something for the greater good.

For every photo you share through this app, the company donates $1 to your chosen cause, such as Operation Smile, Save the Children and Girl Up. You can donate one photo daily.

You can also share photos you have previously taken, so no need to feel like it must be done in the middle of catching them all. 

Check In

Check In For Good 

Like Foursquare with a humanitarian twist, Check-in for Good lets you check-in at participating businesses and the cause receives a donation from the business. Bonus, you receive a promotional offer for that business too! It’s a win-win!  The only downside of this app is that its dependent on businesses participating so if you live in a smaller town or rural community you may not have luck checking in at participating businesses. 

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