4 Useful Parent Resources for Homework Help

One of the easiest ways you can help your child with their homework is to show that you think homework and education are important. If you don’t believe it, they wont either. Some easy ways to do this are:

  • Set a regular time for homework in a quiet, distraction free area.
  • Keep supplies and resources easily accessible to make homework time easier.
  • Be interested in what they’re learning and help them in ways that interest them.

But what do we do when we just don’t know? Despite our degrees and life experience sometimes our memory fails us or new learning methods remain just out of our grasp. Suddenly we can’t figure out their geometry homework, deciphering scientific formulas look like something better left to NASA and remembering the capitals of all fifty states remains elusive.

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My numerous english classes are useless in helping me decode my kindergartner’s messages about what they’re learning in class while repeatedly reminding me “that’s not the way my teacher does it!”. Which is why we’re ever so thankful for the world wide web where people in the know have come together to produce parent resources to help your child with homework. Bless their hearts for knowing that somewhere along the way we just would. not. get. it.


Scholastic has long been a trusted name in the educational community. Their website provides comprehensive general resources to make homework a more smooth experience with articles ranging from How to Get Homework Done without the nagging, to 7 Steps to a Successful Research Report. Additionally they offer parenting advice articles and a great resource for finding age appropriate books for your readers. 


Eduplace homework help is aimed at kids from first through eighth grade and offers resources to help with homework and learning blocks in a variety of subjects including: Reading/Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies and Research. Homophones, metric equivalents, and major U.S. military conflicts are just a few examples of topics you can find help on. 

Everyday Math

The Everyday Math website is developed by The University of Chicago. It helps parents understand the concept of “Everyday Mathematics” for kids in grades Pre-K to 6th grade. In addition to breaking down the math by grade, they have also compiled a comprehensive list of resources for parents and students covering:

    • online games
    • tutorials,
    • simulations,
    • teaching tips.
    • quizzes
    • and more

I recommend using Everyday Math as a jumping off point and then exploring their resources as you get into the nitty gritty. 

Be a Learning Hero

Be a Learning Hero is a comprehensive website aimed at helping parents understand Common Core and everything involved with the educational program. More than that they offer a unique homework help section specifically designed for Common Core curriculum. As such, you can get customized homework help by selecting the state you live in, grade, subject and even the type of material you’re looking for. 

Not only is the internet a great place to go to for help with homework but it’s also becoming an integral part of children’s education. It’s used in the classroom, at home, in after school learning programs, and in a variety of ways as our kids go about doing their homework too, which is why having a service like Verizon FiOS gives families one less thing to worry about when it’s time to tackle their homework. There is no need to worry about slow loading webpages with speeds up to 500 MBS and it’s always nice to have a reliable network that you can count on to be up and running any time you need it.

This post is written on behalf of Verizon FiOS. All opinions remain my own.

20 thoughts on “4 Useful Parent Resources for Homework Help”

  1. We’re resting from “homework” as it’s now the start of Summer vacation but I’ll check it out when school resumes.

  2. My 3 year old just got her first “homework” assignment yesterday! Hopefully these resources are still available when she has real homework.

  3. Thanks for your wonderful resources! I love Scholastic and has used that as homework help when my daughter was younger. As she got into middle school I used Khan Academy for those difficult math and science subjects!

  4. Distraction free area is a huge one. Kids need to be able to focus on what they’re doing to fully grasp it. Their attention spans are hard enough to keep in order.

  5. These 4 are definitely the best. My daughter used Scholastics and is planning to do the same with her kids. Thanks for the information. I will pass this on to my cousins too.

  6. True! The guardian or the parent need to give more some time or attention to their kid when it comes to their studies.

  7. I love the tips, it’s good to create a homework corner for the kids to keep them focused. Settling in any room would just make them less interested for homework. Thanks for the resources as well!

  8. Great resources that I can passed on to a group of teachers that teach school age children. I use to enjoy helping with homework but my neice did not like my teaching style. Because I had no patience at the time. Now i understand.

  9. Scholastic is such a staple for education! I grew up with that! I love your ideas – every parent should read this!

  10. I used to love homework (I was a sad child) and I am looking forward to helping my firls with theirs. Really dreading maths though. I hate maths.

  11. Scholastics is a very trusted name in our house hold and I’m glad to hear about this. My daughter has school age children so I will have to tell her about this. I know a lot of parents would love help understanding the common core.

  12. I couldn’t agree more. Homework is a priority and needs to be treated as such. Thank you for sharing. These are helpful hints.

  13. Such great resources! We use Everyday Math here at home just as practice. We also set homework time. right after school. If needed we work after dinner too


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