5 Family Friendly Things to Do in Maui

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Miles of coastline, incredible sunsets, gorgeous views, and endless activities draw millions of people to Hawaii annually. One of the things that makes Hawaii so unique is that its appeal is wide and varied. Paris may be for lovers, but Hawaii is for lovers, solo travelers, adventure seekers, surfers, hikers, beach bums, and foodies just to name a few. But what Hawaii does exceptionally well is family travel, because with so much to offer and so many widely available Maui vacation rentals that are perfect for families, there are plenty of family-friendly things to do in Maui that will satisfy even your pickiest traveler.

5 Family Friendly Things to Do in Maui
Family Friendly Things to do in Maui

Maui Tropical Plantation

Set within the stunning backdrop of Waikapu valley, the Maui Tropical Plantation is home to over 40 productive crops and hundreds of tropical and native plants. On any given day you can find guests roaming it’s lawn, touring the grounds on a guided tram tour, gliding over it’s family-friendly zip line or dining on the lanai of the Mill House Restaurant.


Family Friendly Things to do in Maui

The restaurant is led by Executive Chef Jeff Scheer, who creates a menu that focuses on a “farm to table” experience. Many of the items on the menu are grown and sourced literally yards from the kitchen. As such, the menu is an ever evolving array of dishes unique to Maui.

Family Friendly Things to do in Maui

Surfing Lessons

There’s nothing like watching the successes and failures of your awkward, yet lovable family members as they try their hand at this iconic Hawaiian sport. There are group classes everywhere, but the best experiences are those where you book a private instructor like the ones available at Maui Wave Riders. A good pro can easily have the whole family riding waves by the end of a two-hour surfing lesson. Don’t forget to take photos!

Family Friendly Things to do in Maui
Credit: Maui Ocean Center

Maui Ocean Center

Even the smallest members of the family can get up close and personal with marine life at the Maui Ocean Center. Tiger sharks, stingrays and other marine life swim inches from the exhibits acrylic tunnels mesmerizing both young and adult. It’s a great, low-key educational activity to spend a few quiet hours doing. 

Family Friendly Things to do in Maui
Credit: Stardust Treasure Hunt

Maui Treasure Hunt

What better way to explore Maui than on a Stardust Treasure Hunt! This family-friendly tour includes hiking, swimming in a private lagoon, and searching for bounty with your own designated treasure map.

The activity is about 3 hours long, and available for kids 5 years and older (kids under 7 years old must be accompanied by an adult). The hiking trail is fit for any beginner and is 2-miles in length. Guests should prepare for the hunt with sunscreen, mosquito repellent, a swimsuit, and closed toed shoes or sport sandals. Prepare to get muddy, dirty, and wet! 

Family Friendly Things to do in Maui
Credit: Atlantis Submarine

Atlantis Submarine

Recently featured on National Geographic T.V., the Atlantis Submarine is one of the more popular excursions for families on Maui. The submarine journeys 100 feet deep through the oceans of West Maui, and the outer islands of Moloka’i and Lana’i. The air-conditioned vessel allows passengers to observe rare sea life, a sunken 19th Century supply vessel replica, and an artificial reef designed to sustain a growing habitat for indigenous Hawaiian species. If you go during the months of December and May your family might even be able to chance a look at the Humpback Whales during their annual migration. 

Which of the activities would your family like best? 

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