9 Gift Ideas for Galentine’s Day

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Show those amazing strong women in your life some appreciation this year with a little Galentine’s Day gift. The national holiday of love is approaching, and while you are planning a romantic getaway or a night away from the kids don’t forget the special ladies in your life that make your world more exciting.

We all have women in our lives that need to be reminded just how awesome they are and how much you they mean to you. Give them one of these fun gifts as a token of your appreciation.

Galentine's Day Ideas

If you have no idea what I am taking about, Leslie Knope from the show Parks and Recreation can be credited for this holiday that celebrates the smart, capable women that make the world go ’round. Galentine’s Day is  February 13th, the day before Valentine’s Day and a great chance to show some love for those incredible women that make your life better.

Galentine's Day Ideas

The 100 Good Deeds Bracelet is an amazing way to spread kindness and encourage others to embrace the idea of paying it forward. Mary Fisher spent years in Africa working with women suffering from AIDS, and she came up with the idea for the 100 Good Deeds Bracelet that would help the women of Africa while promoting kindness in the world. These bracelets are handmade by women in Africa, and every purchase helps them gain financial independence to create a better life for them and their family. The bracelet has 100 beads with a counter that the wearer moves over each bead as they perform good deeds. The goal is to do 100 good deeds to spread love and kindness in the world. This simple idea has the power to truly create change in the world.  

Galentine's Day Ideas

C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries creates amazing products from cleansers to cosmetic accessories. They have a face care collection with products to take care of all your skin needs. The cleanser and face mask are my favorite in the line. Even in the winter months when my skin gets dry, the cleanser removes my makeup without leaving it flaky and peeling. Ingredients like aloe, calendula, and almond oil help keep my soft and without blemish. When I need a deep clean, the clay mask lifts dirt and blackheads for a even and supple skin tone. In their face care collection, they also offer…

  • Deluxe Gentle Cleanser
  • Rosewater Skin Tonic
  • Deluxe Facial Moisturizer
  • Oily Skin Foaming Face Wash
  • Dr. Galen Herbal Skin Tonic
  • Extra Light Face Lotion
  • Honey Almond Scrub
  • Purifying Cleansing Mask
  • Sugar Crystal Face Polish

Galentine's Day Ideas

For your favorite little know it all, this Lisa Simpson pillow is a heartfelt way to tell them you love their zest for knowledge and accuracy in everything. Let them know that having their nose stuck in a book all the time isn’t a bad thing.

Galentine's Day Ideas

Making bubble baths even more amazing, Molton Brown has been producing bath products for men and women since 1973. Based in London, they use invigorating scents inspired from natural elements around the world to design everything from hand washes and lotions to bath sets. The fresh scents and silky texture will leave your skin feeling refreshed. They also sell travel sets that are flight ready for those busy women always jetsetting. A bath set or heavenly body wash is a wonderful gift for that selfless woman you know that could use a little pampering.

Galentine's Day Ideas

She is your partner in crime, the first person you go to with any kind of news, and your very best friend in the whole world. She deserves something special and unique. Who wouldn’t love this amazingly inventive wine bag? The designer, Tracey Luebbers, came up with this clever idea after finding it difficult to transport beverages during outings. She created a variety of prototypes to eventually come up with this, and she chose a factory in Missouri owned and run by women to produce this great product. The bag comes with its own dispensing bag so you can serve up whatever spirits you would like at the beach, on a picnic or wherever you want to relax. It is an awesome gift idea to give to one of the most favorite people in your life.

Galentine's Day Ideas

Give your friends a winter pick-me-up with hand lotion from Soap & Paper. The feminine scents are subtle and refreshing like green tea and lavender. Made right in New York with vegan ingredients, the lotion is light but effective at treating dry winter skin. The perfect travel size tubes are great to toss in your bag and go. Gift sets are available with lotion and shea butter soap for a nice Gal-entine’s day gift.

Galentine's Day Ideas

Do you have an amazing female mentor in your life that never stopped telling you to go for your goals and that you could do anything you wanted? Give her a mug with the iconic face of female empowerment, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Always an inspiring way to start your morning.

Galentine's Day Ideas

Give that unstoppable woman in your life this inspirational bag so she can carry around all those books and necessities that she needs to get through her busy day.

marie curie doll

That little girl you know that looks up to you and has such big dreams, she needs good examples and role models to reach her goals. This Marie Curie doll is an empowering gift to give to a little girl and an inspiration to reach her potential. As a world renowned chemist and physicist, Marie Curie is the kind of role model a young woman needs in her life.   


I received complimentary items from C.O. Bigelow, Molton Brown, and Soap & Paper. All opinions remain my own.

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  1. I have read about the 100 Good Deeds Bracelet before and I think it is a good idea to help empower the women of Africa. This would make a great gift for a girlfriend and reminder for us to spread kindness and good deeds everyday.


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