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I will be 30 this year…Ugh! I know I am being dramatic, but I can already see the signs of aging. I have a few strands of grey hair peeking through my part. There are smile lines appearing at the corners of my mouth, and the large pores left from my breakouts in youth are now expanding and becoming more noticeable. As a busy working mom, my skin and overall beauty concerns are literally the last thing I think about during the day. I am usually so exhausted at the end of the day that I barely do a quick soap and rinse before I drop into bed.

With a milestone birthday approaching and Valentine’s Day (basically the only date night with my husband all year), I realized I needed to start really taking care of my skin and prevent signs of aging before they start. In my approach, I also wanted to use products that were natural based and gentle on my break-out prone skin. Therefore, I was drawn to TriDermaⓇ which has botanical-based skin care products that are made from Certified Virgin Organic Aloe Vera. They are gentle enough as not to cause irritation or more breakouts, but still effective to provide the difference I have been looking for in a skincare line.  

TriDerma Review

The company was developed over 24 years ago when Gloria Vanderlaan had a medical procedure done and experienced painful skin irritation. The doctor told her that the only thing that she could put on her skin that might help was Crisco! Therein began her efforts to create a line meant to soothe and heal skin. There are now over 100 products available that treat everything from diaper rash to psoriasis, and even an amazing beauty line. It is still a female owned company, and it designs healing products using its aloe vera complex. This long history and dedication to gentle products made it seem like the perfect answer to the rejuvenation my skin needed.  

I have been using the Pore Reducing Anti-Age Serum for about a week, and I have already noticed more refined pores and a softening in those wrinkle prone zones like between my eyebrows and around my mouth. It is considered a medical strength serum that works as a primer to fill in my larger pores and create a smoother more flawless surface. The lotion feels a bit thick as it is applied, but it goes on smoothly and evenly without feeling tacky and dries nicely without any residue. It also helps absorb and control oil which is extremely helpful. My skin goes from too dry to too oily. There doesn’t seem to be a medium, but this helped soothe those dry patches and prevent oil build-up that seems inevitable throughout the day. This is my favorite to put on before I wear makeup because it fills in those large pores and makes them less noticeable.

TriDerma Review

The Spot & Wrinkle Erasing Cream helps age spots, brown spots and acne scars. I use it on my expanding crows feet and along my cheekbones where I had frequent breakouts that have left my skin looking “pock-marked”. It has botanicals, antioxidants, anti-irritants as well as five specialized brightening ingredients to smooth the texture of skin and create a more even skin tone. With my breakouts (even now!), long after a pimple is gone, I often have a dark mark left behind, sometimes for weeks. This has helped clear away those dark areas.

A Spot & Wrinkle Erasing Scrub goes a little further on those especially tough wrinkles. The scrub has diamond crystals that exfoliate dead skin cells which helps increase collagen production while smoothing away those pesky lines and improve overall skin appearance. It’s tagline is “acts like a surgeon’s scalpel” to improve those unwanted lines, and it is a great non-surgical way to give your face a nice refreshing look and feel. The diamond crystals give it a rough texture, and you can feel it working as you scrub. I have a crease starting to form across my neck, from years of looking down at a computer and phone, and I like to use the scrub on my neck as well to slough off dead skin cells and soften its appearance.

TriDerma Review

There is also a Extra Pure Healing Gel for minor burns and irritations which has proved to a life saver with my family. Someone is always hurt or has some kind of rash, and it’s soft, cooling gel helps soothe and heal all those minor irritations.

TriDerma Review

When it comes to our skin, we have to work at keeping it young and fresh looking. Every day our face is exposed to the elements, makeup, harsh cleansers, and our constant expressions which can all wreak havoc on our skin making it dull, lined, and splotchy. Start protecting and treating your skin NOW! The sooner you start addressing the needs of your skin, the better it will look in 5, 10, 20 years.

There is no better time than Valentine’s Day to get started. People often dismiss it as a silly non-holiday designed to sell cards, but this is the one day of the year that you can focus on your relationship and remind yourself of the spark that brought you together. Keep that spark alive and take care of yourself. When you feel better about yourself, you have more confidence which makes it easier to be open and confident within your relationship. Give yourself an amazing gift this year – shave off a few years! TriDermaⓇ will help you put your best face forward this Valentine’s Day.

I received complimentary products for review. All opinions remain my own.

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