5 Fun Ideas to Help Teach Kids About Geography

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“Nearly three-quarters of eighth-graders tested below proficient in geography on the 2014 National Assessment of Educational Progress – also known as the Nation’s Report Card – and that’s almost exactly the same result as in 1994.”

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Teach Kids about Geography

Sending our kids to school and expecting them learn everything they need to know is just not enough. Our kids need to be encouraged to learn even at home and guided by parents to obtain the knowledge they need to function as productive adults. Geography is obviously not a strong suit in our country, and when I had the chance to try a Puzzle Globe from Learning ResourcesⓇ, it was an important reminder that as a parent, I need to inspire learning at all stages in development and make sure they are proficient in all of their academics. There are so many resources and toys parents can use at home to teach geography in a way that is fun and entertaining for little ones. Here are just a few…

Teach Kids about Geography

Puzzle Globe

Learning ResourcesⓇ has over 1,100 toys that are sold in more than 80 countries, and their toys facilitate learning in fun and interactive ways. By presenting information in exciting, colorful toys that have been designed for their age group, these toys lay the groundwork for kids to understand complicated concepts. The Puzzle Globe embodies this idea. It is the perfect way for kids Pre-K and up to start learning the continents and paves the way for them to learn about the countries that make our earth.  

Teach Kids about Geography

The colorful continents on this globe are are puzzle pieces which can be pulled from the globe and reassembled again and again. On the back of each piece is a stem that has a specific shape so the pieces can only be put in their correct location. The name of the continent is written on the piece and features animals and other identifying images associated with the region. It is a great way for kids to begin to associate what our world looks like as well as what can be found in the continents. Each of the oceans are also labeled on the globe for a more complete view the world. Give them a head start on geography with this puzzle globe.

Teach Kids about Geography

Food Map

What is one of the things that kids love the most? Food, or course! This genius idea from Kid World Citizen uses food to help kids learn geography. Have kids draw pictures of foods and help place them on the countries where those foods grow. It teaches kids about geography as well as broader ideas like climate, imports and exports and farming.

Jen Talbot

Felt Map

Make a felt map like this one from Jen Talbot. Create iconic images, plants, wildlife and more that capture the essence of countries and continents. Kids will spend hours rearranging the globe and learning about what makes up the many countries on our earth.

Continent globes 6

Hands On

Gift of Curiosity has instructions on how to make a paper-mache globe. Creating their own handmade globe, cutting out the continents and placing them on the world all makes it more memorable to a child. Hands on experiences like this work as great teaching tools for kids as they begin to understand the basic concepts of geography.

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Visit Hippo Hooray to view the catchy song they created about the continents. A teacher came up with this clever tune to help her class learn about geography. There is nothing like a great rhyme to help students remember ideas and concepts.

I received a complimentary Puzzle Globe. All opinions are my own.

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  1. what a very helpful idea! when i was in gradeschool i hate geography, i wish i knew this before! lol! this will be surely a fun idea for my kidss! thanks for posting


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