6 Tips for Planning Your Dream Trip to Naples

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Naples, Italy has always been a major tourist attraction. This is due in large part to the immense beauty and history of the many buildings and statues that populate the city. However, when taking a trip to a city such as Naples, a significant amount of planning must go into it. You can’t simply jump on a plane and jet off to your destination. Traveling to any foreign country demands that you give some serious thought to how you will handle your trip after you arrive. Here are six tips for planning your dream trip to Naples.

Credit: Alexandra Svatikova
Credit: Alexandra Svatikova

Schedule your vacation appropriately

Whenever you are traveling to a city that many tourists like to visit, you need to make sure you schedule your visit during a time of the year when tourists are least likely to be in the city. In other words, avoid taking your trip at peak travel periods during the year. Peak travel times will vary based on your destination. Usually, the busiest times for tourism take place during the months when the weather is the best. Therefore, you may have to deal with some inclement weather during your trip, but this will be preferable to standing in endless lines waiting to see the biggest tourist attractions. By avoiding peak tourism periods, you will also find that travel in Naples will be much faster. You will also not have to wait as long to get a table at some of the most popular restaurants.

Compare hotel prices

The prices charged by similar Naples hotels can vary greatly. Do some research prior to your trip and find out all of the fees they charge. There are hotels that often charge hidden fees that you will not know about unless you ask. Since you are paying for your room, you should always be aware of what you are paying for. Ranch Palace Hotel or Hotel Barbato are two excellent hotels in Naples you can book online.

Buy an Italian phrase book

Unless you already speak Italian, it would be smart to pick up a book filled with common Italian phrases. You should practice them before your trip. This will allow you to easily ask a non-English speaking person where the nearest bathroom is if you need to use one very badly.

Download a GPS app

A GPS app is a very useful tool to have on your phone, especially if you are traveling to a strange city. Many taxi drivers like to take tourists on the “scenic route” to charge them more money. However, a GPS app will tell you the shortest route to your destination. This will allow you to notice if your taxi driver is going out of his way to raise the price of your fare.

Check the exchange rate

Whenever you are changing in your cash for local currency, try to time your exchanges properly so you get the most money in return. You should also avoid exchanging your money at the airport. They offer notoriously bad exchange rates.

Rent a bike

Naples is an outstanding city to explore by bicycle. There are many places you can rent one. Exploring the city this way will allow you to see more, while also saving money on taxis.

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  1. I can not begin to tell you how much I would love to visit Naples. All of these tips are great but I like the phrase book and bicycle best. I wouldn’t have thought of those.

  2. I would absolutely love to visit Naples one day!! It is definitely on the bucket list and your tips will certainly help if I get there one day :) Thanks!!


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