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14 Must-Dos on the Mamma Mia Island of Skopelos Greece

If crashing waves, sand-pebbled beaches, blue umbrellas, and pine forests are on your list, this earthy Greek paradise known as “Mamma Mia Island” on the Aegean sea is worth more than a daydream. The island of Skopelos Greece’s hypnotic sapphire … Read more

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5 Must-See Destinations on Mainland Greece

From the most stunning beaches you’ll ever come across to the awe-inspiring scenery, there is so much to see on this mythical island. While many tourists visit the Greek islands each year, many skip right over to the smaller islands … Read more

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What Happened to the Unfinished Church in Bermuda?

It’s hard to imagine that something unfinished, can be so beautiful, yet that’s the case with the Bermuda Unfinished Church in St. George. Frozen in time, this church has been left to the elements after numerous hurdles halted construction. The … Read more

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How to Make an Outback Australia Road Trip a Reality

Barry Humphries once said, “Australia is an outdoor country. People only go inside to use the toilet. And that’s only a recent development.” Australia attracts adventure loving souls from around the world eager to take on its lethal beauty. Even … Read more

Dyrhólaey, Iceland

Chasing Elves in Iceland

The superstitions of a culture reveal a lot about its people. What may seem odd or silly in one country is commonplace in another. You might not believe in ghosts, but does your heart not skip a beat when you … Read more

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10 Crazy Best Places To Stay In Iceland

Need a little trip inspiration of the best places to stay in Iceland? We highly recommend trying one of these 10 unique hotels in Iceland for the trip of a lifetime. That could be you exploring glaciers and sleeping in … Read more

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9 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to Iceland

Most travelers are never truly prepared for a new destination. From the wrong clothes to awkward interactions with locals, no trip is flawless, but reading up on your destinations can help for a smooth transition. The mysterious Iceland, the land of fire and … Read more

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10 Private Islands You Can Rent or Buy

When you think of an island getaway, you might picture resorts lined up along the shoreline with crowds of tourists fighting for their own small sandy patch of paradise, but island getaways don’t have to be a shared experience…In fact, … Read more