7 Bizarre bikes you can rent…and attempt to ride

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Trade in that boring old two-wheeler for something more exciting. All over the country, cities are stepping up their bike rental game and introducing some of the craziest bikes you never knew existed. Here are 7 bizarre bikes you can rent…and attempt to ride.

Photo Credit: Ron McDonald

Sit back and relax on a recumbent bike. It is almost like sitting in your favorite recliner while you take in the sights. Instead of being hunched over those handle bars, lay back and cruise around Cape Cod with a recumbent bike from The Little Capistrano Bike Shop.

water bike

Did you know you can ride a bike on water? No, no this isn’t a modern day biblical story, it’s Water Bikes of Buffalo! Hope on one of these floating bikes and take it for a spin on the Buffalo River. You can rent them for up to an hour. There is even a two-person water bike. If you miss out on the summer fun, don’t worry. There are also ice bikes! You can glide across the canal on a bicycle ice-skate.

Photo Credit Hstender

At Wheel Fun Rentals in Chicago, you can rent a surrey bike and take the whole family for a ride along Foster Beach. Single and double surreys are available to accommodate your group. Pedaling around you can’t help but feel a little like Fred Flintstone.

Photo Credit Steven Depolo

Cruise around Santa Monica with an Eliptigo from the Santa Monica Bike Center. Instead of going nowhere on an elliptical, take it to the streets and check out all Santa Monica has to offer while getting some exercise.

Seven person bike

Have you ever held a meeting on a bike? No? Now you can. In Syracuse, NY you can rent a conference bike at the Onondaga County Park. This seven-seater is a fun and challenging way to bike around the beautiful Onondaga Lake.

Photo Credit Ali Eminov

Minneapolis, MN is home to PedalPub®. This is a bar on wheel that holds 16 people. Take it out for a two hour tour and pedal away while enjoying spirits. This is a crazy bike ride, perfect if you are looking for a fun way to see the twin cities.

Do you have any interesting bicycles to add to our list?

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  1. We actually have some of these bizarre bikes in Amsterdam. It’s always neat to see people on unique bikes. Although those pedal pub bikes I could do without. They tend to hog the bike lanes here making it hard to get around them. Although they’re starting to make them illegal in certain parts of the city, so we’ll see if that becomes city wide as well.


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