7 Easy Dessert Recipes for Adorable Thanksgiving Treats

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What makes holiday treats even better??? When they are adorable miniatures, of course!

Growing up, I loved to find new creative snack ideas and spend the holidays making tasty masterpieces. Here are some of the cutest and easiest Thanksgiving treats I have come across so far. Make these awesome Thanksgiving snacks with your kids and share with friends and family.

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Considering the ease of the recipes they are perfect to keep in mind when one of your kids tell you at nine o’clock in the evening that they need a special snack for school…tomorrow!

We’ve all been there. Don’t panic. Whether you need a special treat for your little one’s holiday party, something creative for a bake sale, or just a fun dessert, these recipes are perfect!

Pilgrim hat

Find this easy pilgrim hat recipe at iVillage

This cute treat is so easy to make kids can make them all by themselves no oven required. 

Turkey 1

Find out how to make these turkeys at Food.com

This snack could easily be an art project too! Get creative with the ingredients and see what kind of fine art your kids can make. 

Turkey 2

Get the recipe for these delicious turkeys at  Parent Map 

Make more than one tasty turkey for this Thanksgiving. 


Get this cornucopia recipe at iVillage along with a cornucopia of other recipes   

This simple snack has lots to offer, and it can be made in just minutes. 

Acorns 2

View the recipe for these scrumptious acorns at hersheys.com

These acorns will be a hit at any dinner table. Use them as a centerpiece and watch as guests gobble them down. 


Food.com has the recipe for these precious miniature Thanksgiving dinner cupcakes

Enjoy another whole Thanksgiving meal for dessert. These cute miniature Thanksgiving dinners will be delightfully devoured as a sweet snack.


Visit kidskubby.com to find out how to make these sweet ears of corn

This treat gives a whole new meaning to sweet corn. A handful of jelly beans can turn your cupcakes into a holiday decoration. 

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

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