7 Ideas for Meaningful Gifts

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We spend countless hours searching out the very best gifts for our loved ones. Scouring the stores for a meaningful item, a functional present, and we find ourselves tired and frustrated resolving to buy whatever we can at the last minute just to cross it off the list.  This year, let your Christmas list be an example of true giving by purchasing items with meaning. Share great gifts with those you love, and in return, help out the world around you. Here are a variety of gifts with meaning that you can share with friends and family this year. 


  1. Macy’s features the line Heart of Haiti. These products are hand made by the people in Haiti and each purchase helps local artisans provide a sustainable life for their families. 
  2. 100 Good Deeds Bracelet – These beautiful bracelets are hand made by women and girls in Africa some of which are HIV positive. They have been given the opportunity to change their lives by creating one-of-a-kind jewelry that will help support them and their families. The 100 good deeds bracelet is also a call to kindness. The bracelet has 100 beads and the wearer must do one anonymous good deed until they have met 100! There is a counter on the bracelet to keep track of the deeds.
  3. Serrv in India – This fair trade organization has been around for 65 years, and it was one of the first fair trade organization in the United States. It started as a way to help refugees displaced after WWII. Now, it works with artisans all over the world to sell their one of a kind products for fair and reasonable wages that help lift them out of poverty. You can find everything from holiday gifts to clothing, jewelry, and even kitchenware. These beautifully unique pieces cannot be found anywhere else. 
  4. Symbolically adopt an animal this year! At Defenders of Wildlife you can donate money to help one of the many endangered species. Each donation level offers a commemorative package. Give in someone’s name and put your money towards something more than a quickly forgotten toy.
  5. Mana Nutrition – This is a nutritious food that is given to children suffering from malnutrition. It stands for Mother Administered Nutritive Aid. These packets are distributed to women and their children in areas plagued by war, drought, famine and other countless problems that wreck havoc on families. This food pack contains all the vitamins and nutrients children need in order to maintain proper health and growth. You can donate or connect your Amazon account and .5% of all purchases will go to Mana to help support starving children around the world. 
  6. Indigenous – This  fair trade clothing line is all hand made from organic materials. There is intricately crafted clothing for women and men. You can also find accessories that are one of a kind. 
  7. Etsy – Don’t forget to purchase from local vendors and those that hand make products right here in the United States. Etsy has countless one of a kind gifts that are made from hard working people all over the country. Think global act local.  

This Christmas help people around the world with your giving!

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