7 Reasons Parents Need a Hobby of Their Own

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Has anyone ever told you to get a hobby? There might be a reason for it.

Parents are notorious for taking on a lot of activities for their kids, but not really doing much for themselves unless it’s work related.

Getting a hobby has numerous benefits. Not only can hobbies help improve your mood and improve your mental health, but they can also help you meet new people who share similar interests.

Parents each need a hobby of their own and here’s why.

Improve Your Mental Health

Parents experience a lot of stress. There are the normal stressors of having bills to pay, going to a job that causes frustration, and the challenges that come with raising children.

But often these stressors can lead parents to mental health crises if they are combined with other traumatic life events. It’s especially true if they don’t get a lot of time to themselves.

ways to manager stress when you are busy

Getting a hobby of your own can help you cope with challenging life events and improves your day-to-day mental health.

When you feel like a whole person with unique interests, it makes a big difference.

Gives You a Creative Outlet

Want to learn to sew? What about learning how to build a chicken coop? Or perhaps you’d love to make a meaningful gift for someone.

Hobbies tend to have a creative component which can easily give you a creative outlet when you need it.

Being a grown-up and adulting comes with a lot of boring things—like paying bills and being a taxi for your child’s hobbies.

But being a fulfilled adult means that you need some creative options outside of figuring out what’s for dinner for the thousandth time.

Shows Your Children the Value of Self-Improvement

If you want your children to grow into adults who do new things, keep learning long after school is done, and make self-improvements when necessary, then you need to model it.

hobbies for adults

Getting your own hobby—that your kids know about—will show them how important it is to do something new even when you grow up.

Plus, adults who spend time on self-improvement are often more satisfied with their life.

Get an Excuse to Take a Break

While parents shouldn’t need an excuse to take a break from their daily routine, we act like we do.

Learning a hobby of your own allows you the opportunity to feel comfortable stepping away when needed to work on your hobby.

how to make a cute panda rice ball bento box

Whether you’re going paddle boarding with friends, learn a new recipe, or spending time to take music lessons, a break to do something you enjoy is powerful.

Increased Self-Confidence

When was the last time you tried something new? How did it make you feel?

Starting a new hobby and getting good at it will definitely give you a confidence boost.

When you go from fumbling your fingers across the strings on acoustic electric guitars to being able to rock out in front of a small crowd with ease, your self-esteem will soar.

This self-confidence can help you in every area of your life, including your career.

Helps You Make New Friends

Making friends as an adult is harder than you’d think.

At work you spend time with the same group of people all day long, but they aren’t necessarily people you’d want to spend time with outside of work.

making friends as an adult

Then you bring your kids to their extracurricular activities and it might seem like you’re destined to just be friends with your cat.

Getting a new hobby gets you outside your normal circle of influence and introduces you to people who have similar interests.

Can Help You Get More Physical Activity

Does your day job require you to sit at a desk typing all day long? A hobby can help you get out of your normal sit-down routine.

Hobbies like painting or sewing can at least get your arms moving and making furniture will have you up on your feet.

If your new hobby is exercise related like mountain biking, then you’ll get even more exercise into your daily life.

Hobbies are important for many reasons, but the ways that they get you moving differently can be powerful for your health.


Parents need a hobby of their own. Whether you take up painting, traveling, crocheting, refinishing furniture, or building cabinets, your hobbies can help you in countless ways.

If you need a way to make new friends and give your mental health a boost, try taking up a new hobby.

You never know what could happen with your newfound skills at making Warhammer figurines or learning the piano.