We are 1 in One Hundred Million

America was built on the blue collar worker. It was their hands that pounded in the last spike to complete the transcontinental railroad. It was they who paved the way to settle the west and tame the American wilderness. America’s … Read more

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Shining a Spotlight on America’s Work Force

[infobox]According to a Gallup Poll, 70% of the American work force doesn’t feel engaged in their work.[/infobox] That is a startling number of people unfulfilled in their daily jobs, and it makes it hard to believe in the American Dream. I come from … Read more


Finding Happiness Being a Zookeeper

The first time I heard the term “endangered species” was on a field trip to the Detroit Zoo. The zookeeper was showing us around for the day, and we stopped at an exhibit of sea turtles where we were told about … Read more

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Truck Drivers Keep Our Nation Moving

According to the American Trucking Associations, almost 70% of all freight in the U.S. is transported by trucks. The ATA estimates that there is 9.2 billion tons of cargo moved each year by 3 million class eight truck drivers. It may … Read more

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The Life of an Alligator Wrangler

In Northern Michigan, the Lumberman’s Monument is a park dedicated to the workers that provided back breaking labor in the early logging industry. Every time I visit the park, I feel a renewed sense of appreciation for the history of my home state. … Read more


Saving Lives One Child at a Time

I didn’t learn how to swim until I was ten years old. Even then, I didn’t learn from formal lessons or classes. One of my older brothers taught me the doggy paddle and that was good enough in case I … Read more