How learning to cook gave this man a second chance at life

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Every day as you fight through traffic to get to work, as you sit at your desk wondering if you are making a difference, and as you throw your paycheck at that pile of bills, know that you are not alone. Know that you do make a difference and all your hard work is another piece that drives this great country. It supports your family and helps the world go ’round. Whether people tell you or not, you are appreciated, you are needed. 1 in One Hundred Million is a site dedicated to honoring the hardworking Americans from all walks of life. It details the stories of people from a variety of jobs and what they love about the work they have dedicated their lives to pursue. From swimming teachers to pinball professionals, you won’t find personal and unique narratives like these any where else. Visit 1 in One Hundred Million to see this month’s feature and watch the stories of others that perform the jobs you might not have even known existed. Honor other hardworking Americans by listening to their stories and acknowledging their work. After all, isn’t that what we all want?

Mike Perez

This month, 1 in One Hundred Million is honoring Mike Perez, a Sous Chef at Hearty Boy Catering in Chicago. As a Sous Chef, Mike is the chef’s right hand during every major catering event. Mike preps everything for events that range from 30 people to over 1,000. From weddings to Christmas parties, Mike is there to make sure the guests enjoy an incredible evening full of great memories and delicious food. In addition to the outside catering events, Mike also chefs on the restaurant line from time to time. He takes great pride in his work as he helps create once in a lifetime experiences and gatherings for others.

Mike hadn’t always seen himself as a chef, in fact, he didn’t start working in a kitchen until he had found himself in prison. A few bad choices had led Mike down the wrong road, but while in prison he began working in the kitchen where he found a sense of purpose and enjoyment. After being released, Mike decided to continue to pursue cooking, and he applied to the Silver Fork Program. Developed by the owners of Hearty Boy Catering, the program is an intense 12 week training session that helps those considered “at-risk”. It provides them with everything from knife skills to knowledge of international cuisine in order to help them find work that not only pays the bills but provides a sense of fulfillment. Out of 330 applicants Mike was one of the 20 that were selected for the program, and he has been dedicated to his craft ever since. In addition to his cooking, Mike also has his own fresh produce that he sells as a side business.

Mike 2

Every day we move through our lives without truly seeing the hard working people along side of us or often right in front of us. 1 in One Hundred Millions shares their stories each inspiring and moving in their own right. It gives us a glimpse into the inner workings of the world and what keeps life as we know it moving each day. Celebrate your own life and your own work by celebrating those around you. Subscribe today at 1 in One Hundred Million and check out the series of influential every day heroes.

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