Test Your Child’s Academic Proficiency With ABCmouse

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“On average, students lose 2 months of reading skills over the summer.” Oxford Learning

I hate to say it, but summer is almost over. While most of us have been chasing sunsets and hitting the beach every spare moment, the summer has slowly been slipping away, and the last thing on the minds of our kids is homework. With all that time away from the books and lessons, it takes a major hit to a child’s education.

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When they go back to school, a significant amount of time is often spent reviewing material they have already learned. If a child has special needs, summer break can make it even more difficult for them to come back to school. Is your child ready for the new school year?

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It isn’t too late to help regain some of those lessons to get ready for the new year and test their school readiness. ABCmouse has interactive games and lessons for kids aged 2-8 that have been designed in collaboration with early childhood experts to go beyond basic memorization skills and actually promote content comprehension.

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The subscription-based site is also available in app format for your smartphone or tablet. There are no pop-ups, ads, or affiliate links so your child can learn without distraction.

The site offers games and lessons on a variety of subjects from reading and math to art and music. With a virtual classroom, children can interact in a familiar setting while exploring subjects in a fun and safe way while they earn “tickets” to trade for online items to decorate their virtual room or even buy a pet.

These incentives keep them coming back to learn more.  

ABCMouse resultsOne of the most useful tool is the assessment tests for Preschool, Kindergarten and First Grade. Sometimes it can be difficult to know if your child is ready for school or to move up to the next grade. They might have strong skills in one area, but difficulty in others which may not be apparent until they are tested.

With the assessment tests on ABCmouse, parents can get an idea of how well their child is doing and where they need improvement. By evaluating their skills during the summer, it allows your child sufficient time to prepare for a new school year with your guidance.

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When your child is ready to go back to school and learn new concepts, it can help prevent them from falling behind and becoming frustrated or self-conscious in school.

ABCMouse results

Each assessment covers multiple subjects, and it is graded at the end. There are also recommended assignments in the areas that need improvement. The results are saved and the tests can be retaken and compared to rate progress over time.  

When my son started using ABCmouse, we tested his proficiency for preschool just to see how well he would perform. He still has plenty of time before he goes, but it is never too early to start working on the building block lessons.

He did about as well as I expected. He knew some of the answers, but he was nowhere near ready for preschool. We had him work on the recommended lessons over the summer just to start strengthening his skills.

After only a few months of using ABCmouse, there has been marketed improvement in his performance. 

ABCMouse results

By working on those basic concepts just a little each day he is already doing a much better. He is much faster at recognizing his letters both upper and lower case as well as recognizing the sounds of letters in words. It has made him understand all those everyday lessons we have been verbalizing to him.

We have spent plenty of time practicing ABCs, counting, shapes, and colors, but to see these ideas come to life on the screen and test his knowledge has been a “lightbulb” moment for him. It has made him more confident and aware which has been so rewarding to see.

This is a subscription we will continue throughout his schooling.

ABCMouse results

As parents, we are their first teachers, and it is up to us to instill education basics in them. We have to give them the tools to succeed in school, and with ABCmouse, you can give them the basics to excel in a school environment. Teachers may give lessons, but we have to be able to help them apply it to real-life outside of the classroom.

From ages 2 to 8, ABCmouse is a great monthly subscription that only costs $7.95 per month. If you have a child aged 8-13, then check out Adventure Academy!

They have just released more second-grade content making over 8,500 standard-based learning activities and 850 lessons across 10 learning levels. This could be what takes your child from average student to excellent student.

In these formative years, their brain development and confidence are what allow them to succeed in school. Give them the support and resources they need for a positive school experience that will stay with them into adulthood.

Thank you to ABCmouse for providing a subscription for this review. This post also contains affiliate links.

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