Our Top Accessory Picks For The Nokia Lumia Icon

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Getting a new phone can be quite the investment but for most of us our phone will be attached to our hand for the next two years, so the investment is worth it. Just as important as our phone are the accessories we utilize. Personally, I never leave the Verizon store (or any carriers store) without *at least* three things: a screen protector, a phone case and a vehicle charger. These are my essentials and when I received the Nokia Lumia Icon, I made sure to get them.

Nokia Lumia Icon BundleI must not be the only person who picks up the essentials either because a few years ago Verizon started offering these three basics as a great travel bundle for $49.99 which is a steal. 

The Nokia Lumia Icon Travel Bundle includes a High Gloss Silicone Cover in either Pink or Black, a 3 pack of Anti-Scratch Display Protectors (to safeguard your screen against dust, scratches and daily wear and tear) and lastly a Lighted Vehicle Charger with the ability to charge two devices simultaneously.

But if you’re like my husband, a silicone cover isn’t going to stand up to the damage you will throw at your phone. In his case, he opts for the more protective OtterBox Defender case.

otterbox-defender-nokia-lumia-icon-77-33196The Otterbox has three layers of protection to guard against bumps, scratches, and drops.  It aslo comes equipped with a ratcheting belt clip that doubles as a kickstand for convenient handsfree multimedia use. The kickstand makes it perfect for an entertainment centric phone like the Lumia Icon.

Generally speaking, these are always our first accessory purchases anytime we switch phones. They take care of most our needs but as I get to know the phone, and the ways I’ll be using it there are usually one or two more accessories to be purchaed.  If you have spent any time with the Nokia Lumia, by now you know that it’s very entertainment oriented with great sound quality, a fast processor and large display screen.  


With four speakers you will  rarely need to connect it to bluetooth speakers but you are going to want a good pair of headphones that don’t compromise the sound quality. Lately people have been raving about the LG Tone Ultra.This wireless headset features  JBL® Signature Sound and Ambient Noise Cancellation. Plus you can make calls and use your voice to interact with your phone. But what I found most interesting were they’re unique design. They’re a behind the neck earbud design that I found fascinating. 

Nokia Portable Charging Plate

Last but not least all of that streaming and downloading is havoc on a battery – and I just like to have a backup. The Nokia Portable Wireless Charging Plate is an interesting option because it’s more than just a backup battery, it can be used as your charger. Bonus: No hassle of tangled wires while on the go. It features LED indicators and a travel mode to extend battery life too. 

What’s your number one cell phone accessory? Did I miss any important accessories? 

Thank you to Verizon for providing the Nokia Lumia Icon for review purposes. All opinions remain my own. 

5 thoughts on “Our Top Accessory Picks For The Nokia Lumia Icon”

  1. Love all the accessories! The wireless charging plate is awesome and I wish I had one of those. I don’t know if they even make it for my phone. The headset is cool too! Thanks for the heads up on all the great accessories. :)

  2. Oh I would love that wireless headset! I hate wires! I really like that case too. I keep getting flimsy cases that keep cracking.


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