Taking On Orlando with The 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander

MitsubishiMy husband’s family has not been on a destination family vacation in over a decade – which means I’ve never been on one with them. So you can imagine how excited I was when I finally talked them into coming to Orlando , FL, my home away from home, for vacation this year. We couldn’t wait to take on Universal Orlando, Blue Man Group, Dinner Shows and more and to transport our large family around this week we would using the 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander

Mitsubishi 1I have never driven a Mitsubishi before so I was interested to see what the brand and the car had to offer. In short, I found the Outlander to be highly safety centric, loaded with technology and surprisingly spacious. Over the course of the week, I became an ‘expert’ as my family (all but one of whom are at driving age) quizzed me on the numerous features of the Outlander. This led to a very informal poll concerning the best features of the 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander:

Mitsubishi 3

ECO Drive Assist Mode

The Mitsubishi Outlander features an ECO Drive Assist Mode that aims to maximize efficiency in a variety of ways. First, it reduces engine power when accelerating. NOTE: I had no problems with ECO assist in city driving, but it’s not recommend for the highway. Secondly, it adjusts the output of the air conditioner to be more energy efficient. Lastly, it creates driver awareness, thanks to a cute little plant displaying 5 leaves. The more green the leaves, the more efficient you are driving – ie, no sudden accelerations, hard breaking or speed fluctuations. 

Mitsubishi OutlanderAuto Pilot(ish)

Sadly, we don’t have a system where cars can drive themselves … yet. However Adaptive Cruise Control almost makes it feel that way. Thanks to ACC, the Outlander is able to maintain a safe distance between itself and the vehicle in front of it via a front-grill mounted radar sensor. Unlike other cars I’ve driven with this feature, the Outlander gives you the ability to choose between three settings, or distances. I found this feature to be particularly helpful in a highway driving where closer distances and faster rates of speed are common. On backroads, I adjusted the setting to allow more distance.   

Rear View Backup Camera

I will *never* be able to purchase a car that doesn’t have this again. Which is funny because I laughed at the absurdity of rear view backup cameras when I first encountered them. But they have proven to be helpful in a variety of situations including parking garages, tight driveways and bicycles underfoot.

2014 Mitsubishi Outlander

3rd Row Seating and Storage

I should begin by saying that the 3rd row of the Mitsubishi Outlander is not meant for everyday use as very few people could fit comfortably in it. However, in a pinch for quick trips in Orlando, it was perfect for the two youngest members of the family. When not in use, the seats were easily put away with a single hand for greater storage capacity. 
Mitsubishi CollageSpeaking of storage capacity the Mitsubishi Outlander has you covered with:
  • 2 Floor center console box with armrest and cup holders
  • Instrument panel lower-center storage
  • 4 Door trim pockets with bottle holder
  • A Glovebox
  • Pocket tissue and pen holder
  • Rear seat center armrest with cup holders
  • 3rd-row cup holder and storage space
  • Underfloor cargo area storage
  • 4 Cargo tie-down utility hooks (x4)
  • And Coat Hangers

Mitsubishi 4The Tech Package

I love the ability for handsfree driving through bluetooth capabilities. In addition to being able to sync my phone, I could also control the cruise control, volume and radio channels. Additionally the MMCS Navigation system is displayed on a 7″ high definition touch panel with voice command, point-of-interest information and real-time traffic – which we used to our advantage during many infamous Orlando traffic jams.  It also has the means to charge your devices with USB outlets and (2) 12 volt accessory chargers. 

2014 Mitsubishi Outlander SE ExteriorI could go on all day listing more features we loved like 27 mpg combined, FAST-Key passive entry, heated seats and more. But as a mom I want to cover one last, personal favorite. The 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander is winner of two great awards that speaks highly of it’s value. First, the Outlander received a 2014 5-Year Cost to Own Award from Kelley Blue Book’s KBB.com – which considers depreciation and costs such as fuel and insurance. 

Mitsubishi Motors’ 2014 Outlander Earns Coveted Insurance Inst
Secondly, the 7-passenger 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander is named an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s “Top Safety Pick+”, the highest safety achievement designated by the non-profit vehicle research and crash test ratings agency.

A big thank you to Mitsubishi and Drive STI for loaning the Outlander to our family. All opinions are my own. 

31 thoughts on “Taking On Orlando with The 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander”

  1. There is SOO much room in the Mitsubishi Outlander – I had no idea! I’m currently car shopping so thanks for providing all the great pictures and info.

  2. You had me at backup camera. I have a car that size and I cannot see good enough when I back out. I really wanted a backup camera.

  3. That is one sharp looking vehicle and it’s the perfect size for a family! I get tired of driving my old tired looking minivan. I’d love to have a vehicle that has the rear camera. That has to be the coolest!

  4. I would absolutely LOVE this car. I like Mitsubishi’s. Something about their style is why they’ve always been on my list!

  5. Oh wow that looks luxurious! We don’t drive we depend on our subways here, but let me tell you! This I could use:)

  6. What a sleek looking vehicle. It looks spacious, yet it has third row seating? That’s amazing!

  7. I have a similar car, just a different model. That 3rd row seat really makes a word of difference. Great looking ride! So spacious.

  8. I think the auto pilot is an awesome feature! I have never owned or driven a Mitsubishi, but am interested after hearing all these safety features.

  9. I’ve always been a fan of Mitsubishi cars! I love all of the details of the Outlander.. When taking family trips, having comfort/space is always a plus! Nice review.

  10. What a great car. Looks like it has everything one would need. I have a 10 year old Durango and will be looking to get a new one in the near future. I will keep this in mind.

  11. I like to have tons of space in my car. With my newest car I have been spoiled w the keyless start and entry. BUT like I said, the space is BIG.

  12. That seems like an awesome drive and it sure will take you to your destination safe and fun. looks like a fun adventure.

  13. I’ve owned 3 Mitsubishi’s so I obviously like them. This is a nice vehicle and the spaciousness and extra features are great!

  14. This is such a detailed review about this amazing car. Mitsubishi cars are classy and stylish, and Outlander has gone a step ahead in looks and comfort. Thanks for sharing such an indepth review :)

  15. I honestly almost bought this car two years ago but ended up buying the nissian juke instead. It still is a great looking car!

  16. That sounds like a great car! I don’t need a new car right now, but this is a brand I would keep in mind when it’s time :)

  17. That cruise control features sounds really awesome. I love that it can maintain a safe distance between another vehicle. Definitely a bonus feature! I also love the optional third row seating you got going on.

  18. Nice looking van I guess it is! That certainly does have lots of safety features. My favorite is the rear facing camera!


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