Activities That Soothe the Mind and Heal the Body

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Stress is something that every person will encounter every now and then over the course of their lifetime. You may lose a job, have to cram for a test or lose someone very dear to you. However, for some people, stress is a way of life. Living with daily stress can cause serious harm to your mind and body. It can cause serious illnesses and even death. The good news is that you can get a handle on your stress by incorporating various activities into your lifestyle that help you soothe the mind and heal the body.


Meditation connects the mind and the body. When you meditate you escape the outside world and all of your pending problems and go to a place where you feel a sense of calm. This calming state allows you to release the stress from your body, gain focus and purpose. It’s a self-motivating tool that many people use daily to improve their lives.  In addition to drastically reducing your stress levels, it also helps to keep the body strong and promotes a positive inner self. People who struggle with depression and anxiety often walk away from their sessions with good feelings. You can either do it at home or find a meditation retreat in your area.

woman on hammock near the river relax

Recreational Sports

Vacations are a great way to try a new recreational sport. When you allow your mind to relax and engage in something fun and exciting you instantly lower your level of stress. Luckily there are plenty of activities you can do on your next vacation such as swimming, tennis, golf and rowing or surfing. You can purchase your own tennis, golf, paddle board or surfing supplies or rent them while on vacation. The combination of the fresh air, sunshine and calm environment will help you to de-stress.


You know that partaking in a high-impact workout can transform your body. But, what you may not know, is that exercise can also make you feel terrific. When you work up a sweat your brain releases a hormone called endorphins. Endorphins quickly make you happy and can continue to do so long after the workout session ends. Plus, by keeping your body in shape, you reduce the risk of acquiring illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. Additionally, exercising and moving at a faster pace increases your metabolism so you burn calories more quickly, giving your heart a workout and lowering your blood pressure, too.

Heat Therapy

A hot bath or a visit to the sauna after your workout or after a long day at the office benefits the mind and body in many ways. First, it allows you to emotionally relax. Secondly, it eases muscle tension, which reduces stiffness and soreness throughout the body making you feel better.

Stress is something you live with from time to time, and that’s ok. However, when it takes hold of your life and works against you, this level of stress is unhealthy. Thankfully, there are many activities that you can do alone or with your family that can provide relief of stress and enable you to enjoy a healthy existence.