40 Things to Avoid After 40

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“Growing old is like being increasingly penalized for a crime you haven’t committed.” – Anthony Powell

Unfortunately, we must all age. Some do it more gracefully than others, but one of the worst things you can do is cling to youth by jumping on new fads and trends desperately trying to maintain a sense of cool. From hairstyles to clothing, to cars – nothing screams sad like someone acting too young for their age. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about living life to it’s fullest, being young at heart and that your age doesn’t have to define your lifestyle. But we need to draw the line somewhere and some things are best left for the young whippersnappers – like ripped short shorts that let your butt cheeks hang out. If you are over 40, here are forty things you should be avoiding.

Tube Tops

This ridiculously inconvenient piece of clothing should not be worn by anyone out of college or with an ounce of fat. Toss the tube top and go with an off the shoulder number for a sexy look.

Trendy Slang

It can be difficult to not pick up some of the slang that our kids are always saying. I had a boss that used the word “dude” constantly, and I remember being annoyed by being called “dude” in a meeting. Don’t go around saying things like “GOAT”, “Lit” or “on Fleek” and act like you are the biggest badass because you know what they mean. Stick to proper grammar and real words.

beach 455752 1280Sunburns

You are old enough to know better by now. Protect your precious skin and fight looking older than you are by putting on quality sunscreen. Sunburns will only create premature aging and sunspots. Incorporate it into your daily skincare routine – especially on your face.


Skip the pigtails and just ponytail it. You’ll thank me.

Colored Hair Chalk

…and skip the colored hair chalk too. Try a subtle bayalage instead. It may cost more, but it’s worth it!


Stop putting off the things you want to accomplish and go for it. Middle age is coming quickly (is it already here?), and you don’t want to look back and wonder what could have been. Now is the time to start creating the life you want.

Energy Drinks

Packed with sugar, energy drinks are terrible for your teeth and your body. However, recent studies have shown that energy drinks can make your cardiac blood vessels sluggish potentially affecting cardiac performance. You aren’t cramming for exams anymore. Stop downing energy drinks.

Decorated Tights

I think the world has gone overboard with decorative tights. If you are out of middle school, you should not be wearing tights with pictures, bows, or any kind of holiday design unless you are working with Santa at the mall. A simple pattern can be pulled off, but no fishnets or anything that is screaming for attention. You want people to look at you and think, “I want to wear that,” not “What is she wearing?

Hanging Stuff on the Rearview Mirror

Did you grow up when it was cool to hang stuff from your rearview mirror? Jewelry, charms, graduation tassels. Pretty much anything hung from the rearview when I was in high school. If you still have junk dangling from your rearview, take it all down. You aren’t in high school anymore.

reading 925589 1280Getting Dumb

Our 30s seem to be one of the first times in life when we aren’t bombarded with school assignments and endless studying. It is getting easier and easier to stare at our many devices and forget to learn new things. Instead of getting lost on social media or with the lives of celebrities, check out new podcasts, get lost in a good book, pick up a newspaper from time to time…Yes, newspapers still exist. Never stop learning.

Neon Colors

Unless you are wearing neon while you are jogging outside, let’s leave blinding colors to youth. It seems that the flawless, unwrinkled skin of youth is the only kind that looks good next to harsh color of neon.

A Mom Haircut

Just because you are older or have kids now doesn’t mean you need to chop your hair off for an easy do. Short, Plain-Jane haircuts can prematurely age you. Just because the haircut makes it convenient to care for you hair doesn’t mean it looks good. You can still be attractive and sexy with age. Choose a hairstyle to enhances your looks.

shoes 2269717 1280Ballet Flats

These adorable shoes are not so adorable on a grown woman. Ditch the girlie ballet flats and go for a kitten heel or upgrade to a dressy pair of sling backs.


While we all wish life was like an episode of Friends, living with roommates in your 30s might be hindering you from your potential. Consider living on your own and focusing on the next stage of life whether it be your career or family. 

Too Much Foundation

As we age, it is important to remember less is more when it comes to makeup. Don’t overdo it with too much foundation. It will sneak into fine lines and make them look worse. Keep it simple and more natural as you age. Overdoing it can enhance all of those wrinkles you are trying to hide.

hair 2885839 1280Crazy Dye Jobs

After 40 you want to your style to be a compliment to your looks not a scream for attention. Avoid crazy dye jobs that only call attention to yourself. You want colors and trends that enhance your natural appearance not overshadow it.

Lack of Sleep

Easier said than done, right? Yes, but now is the time to start getting the rest you need to have the energy to take on the day. Cut out some social media time, watch a little less Netflix or learn to tell others, “No” to get some much needed sleep. Now is the time to start going after those major goals we want to accomplish before middle age. Find the time to get the rest you need to tackle life and be the best version of yourself.

Too Much Eye Makeup

We see the celebrities with a perfect smoky eye, and we think we can totally pull it off. A couple YouTube videos and lots of eye makeup later, you basically look like a raccoon. We forget that celebrities have celebrity makeup artists…And they attend red carpet events. Skip the heavy eye makeup and go natural. All that dark, heavy makeup overpowers your face and can make you look older. Go for a more subtle, natural look.


Many women find themselves stuck in a rut around this time as they settle into a routine with their marriage, kids, and career. 40 is the perfect age to reflect upon what you have done to this point and where you would like to go. Make sure to keep those lines of communication open with your spouse and friends to stay connected and remain an active participant in life. It becomes easier and easier to stay home with the kids in those comfy clothes and forget about the things that you once had such passion for. Don’t let normalcy take away your sense of adventure.

Shimmery Makeup

A lot of makeups have a shimmery undertone, but a shimmery, shiny finish can actually accentuate wrinkles and fine lines. A soft, matte finish is much more effective for those trying to smooth skin tone, texture, and signs of aging.

adult 1867743 1280Sedentary Lifestyle

Our metabolisms start to slow, we start to lose bone density, and our risk for cancers and long-term conditions drastically increases with age. It may not feel as if there is any time in the day to fit in an effective workout, but it is crucial to stay active with age. Keep your body moving!


Unless you are on your way to sixth grade, ditch the headbands. They are outdated and not suitable for a grown woman. Opt for a more modern look and go for a scarf headband if you still like the convenience of a headband.

wallet 2125548 1280Overspending

We are eternally keeping up with the Joneses. By 40 you should realize that acquiring things is not the point of life, and it doesn’t matter how much you buy, there will always be more. Focus on what is truly important in your life, and stop worrying about what everyone else has.

Body Glitter

This should be obvious. No body glitter. Unless you’re Britney Spears circa 2004.

Sweating the Small Stuff

No matter how meticulously you plan your day, week, month, life – I can guarantee it will never 100% go the way you expected or wanted. Stop wasting time lamenting over misfortune or being upset about what did or didn’t get done – it won’t change a thing. What you can do is move forward, adapt and learn to accept the roller coaster for what it is – a crazy ride to enjoy!

Oversized clothing

Stop hiding behind oversized clothes and your husband’s sweats. Purchase quality clothes that will actually fit your body, curves and all. By 40, we need to love our bodies and embrace them.

car 398964 1280Short Shorts

Barely there clothing is kind of taboo after your twenties, maybe thirties if you’re a super model. When you are young and naive and without stretch marks, you can get away with those short shorts. At 40, it’s classier to grab people’s attention with your chic style and quick wit instead.

Soy Sauce

Soy sauce has a ridiculous amount of sodium which greatly dehydrates your body. Dehydration can take away from your youthful glow. Stay hydrated to help prevent signs of aging and stay away from the soy sauce!

Not Saving

Neglecting to save it about as bad as overspending. By 40, you should have some kind of retirement account set up. If not, get on it! As the saying goes, you can’t afford not to save.

people 2567915 1280

Being Too Serious

Remember to have fun. Life is too short, and it will be those wonderful simple moments that you will remember years from now. Make time for yourself and those you love. Because in the end that is all that really matters.


Vomiting in the bathroom at the bar is for people in their 20s. Stick to drinks that won’t throw you over the edge and don’t embarrass yourself with drunken out-of-control behavior. 

Bras That Don’t Fit 

Now more than ever, you need support for the girls. Get fitted for a bra and find one that is supportive and works as hard as you do. Just like most everything else. after 40, you have to work a little harder to keep it looking good. 

doctor 563429 1280

Neglecting Doctor Visits  

Simple ailments or pains might have been ok to ignore in your 20s, but in your 40s, now is the time to pay attention to your body. Changes need to be addressed and concerns need to be voiced to a doctor. There is still so much time ahead of you, make sure you are diligent about your health to ensure you are still around for years to come. 

Forget Your Sex Life 

In your 40s, it might be easier to say goodbye to sex than try to make time for it in your terribly hectic schedule. However, it is a great stress relief and part of a healthy relationship. Stay in tune with your body and connected with your partner. Try new things, enjoy yourself, and make time for sex. 

Dealing with Toxic Friendships

It can take a long time to find friends that parallel your stage in life and goals with active supportiveness, but it is possible. In your 40s, you need to kick all the parasite friends to the curb. Forget everyone that is nothing but a times suck and doesn’t truly 

Paying Too Much Interest 

We have all been around the block by 40. Make sure your money is working for you. Credit Cards and other debt can be crushing when it comes to interest rates. Save money and ditch high interest credit cards and loans. It is crucial to make sure you are on the right to retirement.

agreement 3489902 1280

Not Asking For A Raise

Part of making sure you are on the right path to retirement is making sure you are earning what you are worth. Don’t be scared to ask for more money. Women often neglect to ask for deserved raises leaving them earning less than male counterparts. Step up and ask for more money because no one else is going to do it for you.

Making Excuses

Stop letting life pass you by because you are too busy to act. It gets harder and harder to make time for yourself when you are pulled in so many different directions, but you have to make the time to chase your own goals. Now is the time to lose that extra weight, write that book you have talked about for years, or go back to school. Stop making excuses about why you can’t get it done and just do it already.  

Comparing Yourself to Others 

You must know by now that everyone takes their own path, and it isn’t about how much you have or how great your life looks on social media – it is about genuine happiness. Live your life on your own terms and stop comparing yourself to others. 

Skipping Out On Friends

We all need a social outlet. We need friends that help us get through the tough spots and enjoy a laugh with. Stay connected to your friends and give each other the support to be the badass ladies you know you are. 


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