Age Appropriate Chores For Kids

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Many new parents are surprised to discover that even kids as young as two can help out around the house. Use our breakdown of age appropriate chores for kids as a guide.

Not only are there many age appropriate chores for kids of all ages, research shows that chores are great for kids – even if said kids deny it vehemently.

Children who are responsible for chores have a higher self-esteem, understand accountability, better deal with delay of gratification, and are more responsible. The important thing to remember when assigning chores is that you know your children best.

Every child matures at their own pace and you should adjust their chores accordingly. Pick one or two chores for them to do each day.

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Age Appropriate Chores For Kids

Chores for Toddlers

  • Help make their beds.
  • Put away toys.
  • Take care of their dirty laundry.
  • Feed pets.

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Chores for Preschoolers

  • Set out their clothes for the next day.
  • Make their bed.
  • Set the table.
  • Gather ingredients for dinner and help mix/stir.
  • Sort laundry.
  • Straighten their bookshelf.
  • Clean their room.
  • Put away silverware.

Chores for Children in Early Grade School

  • Comb hair.
  • Vacuum single rooms.
  • Fold and put their away laundry.
  • Help prepare dinner.
  • Empty small trash cans.
  • Put away dishes.
  • Dust.

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Chores for Middle Schoolers

  • Their personal hygiene.
  • Keep their room clean.
  • Prepare easy meals by themselves.
  • Clean the bathrooms.
  • Supervised laundry.
  • Load the dishwasher and put away.
  • Take out the trash.
  • Sweep and mop.

Chores for Preteens – Teens

  • Change and wash bedding.
  • Deep cleaning bedroom.
  • Mow lawn.
  • Babysit siblings.
  • Prepare meals.
  • Clean windows and mirrors.
  • Wash dishes.
  • Clean bathrooms.

Have trouble getting your kids to do their chores? Try using a chore chart.

Kids love visual reinforcement and the satisfaction of checking off a chore (or earning a sticker for completion!)

Download this free printable Snow White chore chart to customize for your kids.

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Tip: Choose rewards as a family. That way you know the rewards are worth motivating your children.

Reward ideas: Individual time with mom or dad, a treat, extra tv or computer time, a day at the park, swimming etc.

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18 thoughts on “Age Appropriate Chores For Kids”

  1. My daughter is starting to do chores and help around the house. I think it’s nice that they learn to do chores while they’re young.

  2. Some wonderful ideas with lots of fun all around. Both my kids get involved in small works like helping in cleaning the bedroom or watering the garden so they learn their responsibilities as they grow.

  3. What a great breakdown! My daughter is 3 and she thinks she loves doing chores at the moment! Only if this would Last forever lol


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