Here’s to a 2018 filled with happiness and amazing travels!

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“One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted.” – Paulo Coelho

This may be my biggest fear. Waking up one day with little time left, agonizing over the things I didn’t do, see or say.

So I do my best to live for today, take chances and always say yes to new adventures.

I’ve been fortunate in past years, but especially in 2017, to have partnered with some really amazing brands that share my vision and passion.

alamo chief travel guide

When Alamo Rent A Car asked me if I wanted to become a Chief Travel Guide last year, I was absolutely humbled and crazy excited to embark on a new adventure with them on Alamo’s Scenic Route.

Over the past year, this collaboration has produced some of my most popular and favorite articles to date:

And guess what?!?!? We decided to partner again for 2018!

I’m so honored to be a part of Alamo’s Scenic Route, which is filled with a wealth of valuable travel resources and inspiration.

For example, I’m kind of obsessed with the GENIUS idea to turn souvenir T-Shirts into tote bags!!

Doing my part to eliminate plastic waste, I keep a stash of these in the back of my car.

I smile each time I use them, often daydreaming about amazing vacation memories while grocery shopping.

diy turn tshirt into tote bag Alamo chief travel guide

So while I’m always striving for and pushing to try new things, I’m also terribly fortunate to be able to say yes to hanging on to one or two favorite old things as well – like this awesome partnership with Alamo Rent A Car.

Psssttt… if there is a topic you’d love for me to cover, please feel free to suggest it in the comments below.

Alamo chief travel guide

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