How to Have the Most Epic Summer Road Trip in Michigan

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Ah, the days of sweet summer sunshine mixed with endless backyard barbecues and children laughing while running through sprinklers are finally upon us. After a long winter like the one we just had, I’m extra itchy for some sort of epic family adventure – a “Mother-of-all-trips.”

Something to be savored at a relaxing pace and that will be reminisced about to grandchildren and great-grandchildren alike.

No, this isn’t some mythical unicorn of a trip that only happens in my head during those rare moments alone on the couch. It is real, and here is how you can make it happen this summer.

Lakes to visit in Michigan
Overlooking the Straits of Mackinac near the Arch Rock at Mackinac Island State Park.

Imagine a road trip that took you through a bustling major U.S. city, scuba diving for shipwrecks, camping in the woods, lounging on the beach, fishing, boating, hiking, visiting an island without cars, exploring local vineyards, falling in love with art AND seeing four of the five great lakes.

It’s real folks, and you’ll need about 10 days in Michigan to do it. 

Lakes to visit in Michigan

10-Day Michigan Lakes Road Trip Itinerary

From Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport to Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport. 10 days and 1044 miles of new adventures. Touring the Lakes of Michigan 10 days / 1044 miles / 18 hours 16 minutes

In this month’s Alamo Scenic Route blog post, I share a detailed 10-day itinerary for the Ultimate Summer Driving Tour of Michigan Lakes complete with what to do, where to stay and the best eats to be had. 

Starting at the Detroit airport, I take you on a 10-day trip starting in the city and escaping to the Upper Peninsula and back. We will exploring 4 of the 5 Great Lakes, and get a chance to enjoy the many beach towns along the way.

Fun fact: World Book Encyclopedia (v. 13, p. 500 of the 2000 edition) says that Michigan has more shoreline than any other state (except Alaska) at 3,288 miles. 

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  1. Looks and sounds like an amazing trip to be able to see all 5 lakes. How cool. Definitely bookmarking this for our future trip to Michigan. Thanks for sharing.


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