Are You the Odd Mom Out?

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Tracking PixelHave you ever been shunned by the mean moms group? Is there a group of mothers you know that just seem to look down on everyone? If you haven’t, consider yourself lucky because they are out there. Lurking around the schoolyard corners judging your yoga pants and eyeing that non-organic lunch you threw together last minute while screaming at the kids to get in the car. It seems to be their goal in life to criticize and make other mothers miserable. If it feels like you always seem to be the odd mom out, the one that didn’t get the memo about green shirt day or the hot new super food, and you find it exhaustingly unnecessary to keep up with the latest, exclusive, all organic, best kept secret trend, don’t fret. The show Odd Mom Out will make you feel better about saying “No,” to the cattiness and ridiculous keeping up with the Joneses.


Based in Manhattan, Jill Kargman portrays Jill Weber a quirky, fun-loving mom to three children and married to social elite. Her husband, Andy, played by Andy Buckley (from The Office) comes from a long line of blue bloods. While he is kindhearted and levelheaded, his martini guzzling mother, played by Joanna Cassidy and narcissistic millionaire brother are anything but down to earth. Worst of all is Jill’s sister in law, Brooke, played by SNL’s Abby Elliott. Brooke is the mean girls troop leader on the Upper East Side. Jill tries to stay true to herself while navigating the perks of being in the one percent. Yet, the constant shaming from Brooke and her squad of brainless herons leaves Jill in the ranks of social pariah.

She faces everything from refusing to give in to a makeover to fumbling through an family interview at an “exclusive” cemetery (apparently the rich want to keep the riffraff out even in death). Jill finds herself in the middle of the ludicrous problems of the wealthy and fighting to get back to what’s truly important. The first season comes to head when Jill delivers Brooke’s fourth baby in a disgustingly hilarious, accidental home birth, and Brooke clings to her in the throughs of postnatal depression. Ultimately, Jill must decide between her best friend Vanessa and Brooke in an all out face off between family loyalty and self loyalty.

Now in the second season, Jill is back at it throwing herself in awkward predicaments like developing a crush on her driving teacher and waking up after a drunken stupor having made friends with the crazy, head lice riddled neighbors, one of which played by Drew Barrymore! It is the much needed comic relief of motherhood that will allow you to laugh at your own tiresome attempts to be the perfect mom before you gave in to practicality.

Jill Weber’s mommy nightmare is actually the satirical portrayal of Jill Kargman’s 2007 book Momzillas. Playing a fiction version of herself, Jill Kargman captures family life in New York and today’s constant evolution of what it means to be a hip, “good” mother in the eyes of society and more importantly (for some), peers. It is the perfect excuse to laugh at those mean moms and feel better about those tough decisions  in motherhood, while not perfect, allow you to keep your sanity….Which is a very important part of being a good mom.  

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