Camping with a Toddler and the Stroller that Saved Us

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Having you ever gone camping with a toddler? What’s that…? No, because you’re not crazy. Well, we just might be. Camping isn’t the best vacation for a toddler, but we live for the great outdoors. My husband is director for our county’s park system which means we spend our summers exploring the parks, hiking, and camping.

When our son was an infant we could easily toss him in a carrier and be on our way. However, he is now approaching his second birthday which means he believes the only way to get from point A to B is by running as fast as possible while touching everything he can get his hands on.

This isn’t ideal for camping. From poison ivy to tripping hazards, using a stroller is the only way me and my son survive our outdoor adventures, and I just met our new saving grace, the UPPAbaby G-LITE stroller.


This summer alone, we went camping three times, and each time there was potential catastrophes. There was the time my son ran ahead of us on a walk, and as I jogged up to catch him, I found him pulling poisonous berries off a bush. Thankfully, he didn’t eat them. On our second trip, my son managed to run off the hiking trail and received a case of poison ivy on his ankles…Which I also caught.

Have you ever tried to keep a two year old from scratching? It was a nightmare until it cleared up. During our last trip, we misjudged the length of a walk and halfway through, our cranky, tired little man through a tantrum, and we didn’t bring a stroller. We had to turn around and carry him all the way back in 85 degree weather. Bringing a convenient stroller has become the number one goal for our camping trips.

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Weighing in at just 11 pounds, this full-size umbrella stroller can handle my little one and easily be transported without pulling a muscle or taking up half of our trunk space. Its shoulder strap allows me to bring it on a walk while my son runs his energy out. When he gets too tired, distracted, or just getting into too much trouble, I can plop him in the stroller and pull the SPF 50 plus sunshade over him while he enjoys a juice box.

When he undoubtedly spills that juice box or wipes whatever snack he has, all over the seat, I don’t have to try to frantically scrub it out. The lightweight and breathable mesh fabric can be removed and washed.

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There is a cup holder and a storage area large enough for my purse as well as plenty of toys and a book or two to keep little hands busy. When we are done for the day, the stroller has a one wheel lock brake and easy hand level triggers to close it. Then, it will actually stand on its own to store, but this will surely be in my trunk at all times.

You never know when a rambunctious toddler is going to need a break, and the G-LITE is everything I need to accommodate an unpredictable two year old. Suitable for kids age 6 months and up to 55 lbs., visit UPPAbaby to learn more about G-LITE and see if it is the perfect stroller for your little one.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of UPPAbaby. The opinions and text are all mine.

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