Asian Inspired Beef and Garlic Bowl

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One of the things I love the most is Asian food. Mainly because it’s super convenient, but also because the flavor punch is so good that I just can’t have enough of it. However, we can all agree that takeout food is probably not the healthiest or the most affordable. So instead of indulging one too many days a week in takeout, I have come up with my own little homemade menu which consists of a lot of Asian Garlic Bowls.

beef and garlic bowl recipe
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My Asian Garlic Bowls are loaded with flavor are really easy to whip up at home. They are so delicious that I find myself adjusting the recipe to fit whatever leftovers I have in my fridge. This is what a weeknight dinner should be: a crowd favorite, less than 20 minutes to make and packed with all the good things your body loves.

While this recipe is super versatile, there’s one thing you can’t really take out. The steak. Actually, if you don’t feel like making a bowl (which I strongly encourage) and prefer to prepare another side go for it but cook this steak up, it’s totally worth it.

beef and garlic bowl recipe

Where does all the flavor come from? It’s cooked with olive oil, ginger, onions and garlic until it’s tender and slightly brown and so chock full of flavor you can pretty much serve it with everything under the sun. However, if you want to take it up a notch (I can’t even believe that’s possible) sprinkle it with some black sesame seeds.

And then it’s just a matter of assembling the bowls until they are filled to the brim and call it a dinner.

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