9 Do’s and Don’ts of Road Tripping with Your Best Friend

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The tank is full, the smell of fresh Napa Leather from the newest 2017 Kia Cadenza permeates the air and spirits are high. This road trip is about to get epic and it couldn’t have happened at a better time with the sun shining and a full week to explore. While a road trip with your bestie sounds like a dream, and it usually is, it’s always a good idea to establish some Do’s and Don’ts of road tripping prior to getting on the road.

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9 Do’s and Don’ts of Road Tripping with Your Best Friend

Do sing-a-long at the top of your lungs

Whether you’re jamming out to satellite radio’s 90s on 9 station or hooking up your phone for a customized playlist, singing-a-long at the top of your lungs is a must. Head out on the highway, lookin’ for adventure. And whatever comes our way. Booouurrrnnee to beeee wiiillldddd… Pump that baby through 12 speakers on an Infinity Surround Sound System and the tuneage will be off the charts. 

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Do stop for selfies

A gorgeous sunset, a wide open field, a mountain view…they’re obviously designed to be prime selfie-taking locations. So pull over and snap a pic, or a dozen then share on social media to make the BFF road trip selfie ‘official’ and rub it in that you’re on a road trip with your bestie! 


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Establish Rules of the Road

Who controls the radio? Does the co-pilot get to take a nap or do they have to stay awake to entertain the driver? How many times is one allowed to stop to pee before they’re cut off from beverages? How many times is Bohemian Rhapsody allowed to play on repeat? How will you solve the temperature equation so that neither party is too hot or too cold?

(Hint: The 2017 Kia Cadenza has the answer with heated and cooled seats plus Dual-Zone Automatic Climate Control to keep driver and passenger happy in their own little climate.)

Don’t break the rules of the road

Just don’t.

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Be a good CoPilot!

Keep the snacks coming and the cupholder full. Other copilot duties include looking out for prime photogenic locations, managing the trip shares on Snapchat, keeping all the devices charged and operating the navigation system. If you aren’t the motherly type, being copilot just got way easier in the 2017 Kia Cadenza thanks to UVO eServices – connect your personal devices for phone calls and music with Android Auto and Apple Carplay, easily use navigation and a helpful parking reminder for when you inevitably make that much needed pit stop at the outlet mall. The new wireless smartphone charger also helps do away with that one annoying cord that always seems to get in the way.



Do splurge on the hotel

Take advantage of splitting the cost of a hotel room to go for that upgrade. Your back and neck will thank you for that amazing bed, after you’ve spent most of the day driving and the night drinking wine and ordering room service. Besides, nicer hotels have robes and slippers – essentials for any proper girlfriend getaway. Bonus if you score a room with a hot tub on your patio!

Don’t be a backseat driver

That being said, no one likes a backseat driver. Your friend doesn’t need you yelling  “Watch out!” every 10 minutes as you silently pump your imaginary brake. She totally saw that cow crossing the street. Besides, if you’re driving the 2017 Kia Cadenza with advanced features like smart cruise control, blind spot monitoring and lane departure warning, chances are, the car will catch your mistakes way before either of you do!

Don’t be afraid to get adventurous

Do something new to remember the trip by, the more adventurous the better. If it scares the pants off you, it’ll also be something you’ll never forget, bringing a huge smile to your face every time you think of it! 


Do bask in the silence

You’re finally without kids, you have nothing to remind your husband to pick up, you’ve exhausted your supply of recent gossip and your voice is horse from scream singing – now it’s time to just sit in silence, simply enjoying each others company. 

Thank you to Kia for the chance to experience the new 2017 Cadenza. 

5 thoughts on “9 Do’s and Don’ts of Road Tripping with Your Best Friend”

  1. I haven’t done a road trip with friends. I do take road trips but it would either be with my husband or with my sisters. Its not that I am anti-social or something like that, it is just that my best friends moved to Europe so we don’t get to see each other now. Thanks for these tips. They would really come in handy the next time we plan for a road trip.

  2. Thanks for these tips. It would not only be great tips for a road trip with your best friend, but for a road trip with the hubby as well. I don’t like backseat drivers. So annoying!

  3. I suddenly missed my best friend! Wow, thank you for sharing these tips on road tripping. You gave me an idea my dear. I’m gonna treat myself with this wonderful experience one of these days!


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