Taking A Time Out For Mommy

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Baby Einstein

They say you will never have another moment alone for at least the next 10 years. To be honest I didn’t actually believe them. I mean really? For 10 years? They weren’t exaggerating. Okay maybe a little but it depends on your definition of a moment. Personally, I find whether its trying to make her laugh, keep her fed, bathed or just content days with Ava are spent striving to make the adorable little dictator that lives with me happy. As fun as that it is I still have to find time in my day to fit in all the less fun grown up responsibilities. Which is why we love the Baby Einstein Musical Motions Activity Jumper we received for review.

Not only does it give mom more than a few minutes to herself (hello potty break!) it really keeps Ava entertained. There are over 12 activities including fun beads, a light up piano with volume control and 3 play modes: melodies, piano notes, and language learning in English, French, and Spanish. It even has hooks for clipping some of her other favorite toys. P.S. The hooks are genius because it means we no longer play the “I throw it and scream until mommy picks it up” game.

baby einstein jumperSS

It also features fun toys like:

  • The large spinning rattle ball features beads and real-life imagery.
  • Sun teether stalk with clackers and cloud stalk feature a water-filled bird teether (refrigerate bird teether to soothe baby’s gums).
  • Toy tray includes loops to attach more of baby’s favorite toys. 4 Baby Einstein links are included to attach even more toys!

Plus, mom doesn’t feel guilty getting leaving her in the jumper because not only does she love it, the toy encourages mobility, shape and color recognition as well as dexterity and hand eye coordination – great for a preemie like Ava!

One of my biggest pet peeves about many baby products is that they’re so hard to clean. Despite being limited in mobility babies can be surprisingly messy. Fortunately the Baby Einstein Musical Motions Activity Jumper is mom friendly. The seat is machine washable and the four activity trays are popped out for cleaning. Genius right?

You can keep up with more innovative mom friendly, baby approved products from Baby Einstein on their Facebook and Twitter pages. 

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