The Benefits of a Balance Bike vs a Traditional Bike

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Balance Bike

When balance bikes first hit the market in earnest a few years ago they seemed like a novelty item. Then, almost overnight, people began to see them as serious contenders against traditional training wheels with proponents arguing that they not only contend with, but beat out, traditional bikes. There are some very valid points in the balance bike vs traditional bike debate.

One of the biggest selling points of the balance bike is that it negates the fear-factor that we come to associate with the traditional experience of graduating from a training wheel bike. The balance bike allows kids to easily keep their feet on the ground. They propel themselves forward by using their feet, much like walking. This also gives them confidence as they know they can easily plant their feet firmly on the ground in order to balance themselves. This balancing act allows them to get really comfortable with the idea of balancing on two wheels.

Proponents of the balance bike contend that it’s harder to learn to balance than it is to pedal. By the time a child has graduated from the balance bike, they have already mastered the balance portion – with the ability to place their feet firmly on the ground. Additionally, kids can begin riding a balance bike as young as two without any explanation, coaching or stress. Have you ever tried to explain to a two year old the concept of pedaling a tricycle? No easy task.


Balance bikes being made by a variety of brands now, big and small. They are simple and light enough for young children and offer the ability to grow with them until they’re ready to transition to a pedal bike. They also offers the ability for kids to develop strength and co-ordination. One of the latest designs soon to be available for purchase is the Zum Zum Bike. With a unique, yet classic wooden styling plus natural suspension and non-marking rubber tires, kids can be entertained indoors and out. It can even be used around the pool! Wow!

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