10 Hilarious Examples of Terrible Logic in Video Games

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We’ve all been there. Staring dumbly at the screen, controller tossed to the side as we process the terrible sense of logic displayed before us. Maybe our character refuses to enter a  locked door despite the entire wall being blown away. Or you’ve survived 10 bullets to the chest but a single bullet during a cut scene manages to completely finish you off. Whatever the case, in the spirit of challenges and storylines logic is sometimes sacrificed. Here are 10 hilarious examples of terrible logic in video games. 

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10 Hilarious Examples of Terrible Logic in Video Games

  1. Why can Mario break bricks with his fist, survive a car crash and breathe under water but dies if he touches a turtle?
  2. Explain to me why Frogger dies in WATER. 
  3. Lara Croft is the first person to enter an ancient tomb in centuries but manages to find weapons upgrades?
  4. Spartans can flip incredibly heavy tanks but can’t manage a little gun recoil.
  5. Sonic can travel at the speed of sound but fails to catch Robotnik on foot.
  6. Sims: The only planet where your neighbors pick up their entire house to move. 
  7. Highly trained Assassins bent on saving the world through stealth can’t manage to crouch – or swim in stealth mode for that matter. 
  8. If Princess Peach is so magical, how is she always getting caught by Bowser?
  9. Somehow being frozen in Mortal Combat negates all effects of gravity. 
  10. Link possesses the most powerful sword in the world and uses it as nothing more than a glorified lawn mower. 

Don’t be caught using terrible video game logic. Unlike in Fallout, if you’re about to drown, don’t drink water to get your health back. Skip this page from Zelda’s book: if your boots are too heavy to swim in, don’t put them in your pocket. And I think it goes without being said, but never bring a fire Pokemon to a water fight. 

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