Best Tips to Stop Back Discomfort While Sleeping on a Mattress

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There was a period in my life when I had given up on enjoying a good night’s sleep thanks to back discomfort.

Of course, not getting some sleep has its side effects, both physical and emotional. However, I was lucky enough to come across information that changed everything.

A majority of us fail to see the connection between sleep and the quality of our lives, but the two have a strong relationship. We need sleep – good quality sleep, and the first step is a look at your bed.

When your bed doesn’t compliment your sleeping habits, then you can be sure to have problems.

Best Mattress Back Discomfort

Back discomfort while sleeping is a common problem across the world. The good thing is that it’s not a permanent problem, and some remedies can help. Here are five best tips that can stop the discomfort:

The Best Mattress for Back Pain

There are mattresses in the market manufactured explicitly to ease back pain. offers a list of such mattresses. A backache while sleeping can make your night unbearable, add a bad bed and the problem worsens.

A good bed for easing back pain must be firm, however, not too firm that it aggravates the problem. A soft mattress, on the other hand, will make you sink in, which causes you to twist and affects your body alignment on the bed.

A firm mattress is a solution, though not for everyone. Should a hard bed not be an answer, try other less firm varieties until you find the perfect one for you. When getting a new mattress, ensure that it has a trial period to see if it works for you.

You spend a significant percentage of your life in bed; it’s wise to get the right mattress for you that won’t cause issues such as back pain.

Work On Your Sleeping Position

What’s your sleeping position? Did you know that it could be responsible for your back pain? Knowing and understanding your sleeping position is essential to you enjoying quality sleep.

Your sleeping posture is what determines the type of mattress that you’ll use. Take for example side sleepers; they ought to sleep in a medium firm mattress.

When it comes to easing back discomfort, it’s advisable to sleep either on your back or side. Sleeping on your tummy increases pressure on your back which only makes the pain worse. Alternating the postures throughout the night is also a good idea.

Pillows on Bed

Use Pillows

Pillow support is excellent for easing the pressure on specific points along the body. For example, if you’re a stomach sleeper, should you find it challenging to stop sleeping in the position, then, putting a pillow under your belly helps.

Side sleepers can put the pillow between the legs while back sleepers under the knees and lower back. You can use bolsters for extra pillow support. Your sleeping position determines the position that you’ll place the pillow to ease back discomfort.

Exercise Regularly

Stopping back discomfort goes beyond our bedroom habits. Exercising on a regular basis helps ease some of the back discomfort. It helps strengthen muscles and improve flexibility which reduces the chances of you straining.

Engage in exercises directed at strengthening your core.

Try Some Yoga

Yoga or intense stretching has a host of benefits that include reduced stress and back discomfort. Consult with a specialist to find out which poses are safe for you.

You don’t have to struggle with back discomfort while sleeping anymore. These five tips will help ease the pain and leave you feeling like a new person.

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