Simple Exercises and Tips to Beat Unsightly Bra Bulge

Oh the bra bulge. Whether it’s peeking out the sides, through the sleeve of a tank top or puffing through the back of a t-shirt, it can be one of our greatest fashion angst as women. The good news is, it’s totally treatable with these simple exercises and tips to beat bra bulge. 

Bra Bulge

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I participated in a #WomenWhoDo Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for Vanity Fair Lingerie. I received product samples to facilitate my review and compensation to thank me for my participation.

Simple Exercises to Beat Bra Bulge

Mountain Climbers

I heard that groan. Probably my least favorite exercise (because it’s so intense) but they’re also one of the best. Not only are Mountain Climbers an awesome way to get a full body workout, they effectively rock your shoulder (top, front and back), shoulder blades and your chest. The core and legs are no to be forgotten either and it even counts as cardio. They’re relatively simple enough to do and youtube offers a variety of tutorials. Do 5 reps of 30-60 second intervals. 

Single Arm Rows with a Dumbbell

Less intense than mountain climbers, single arm rows are a great addition to your effort in battling the bulge. You will want a bit heavier dumbbell for this one, between 15 and 25 pounds depending on how in shape you’re starting out. With feet hip-width apart, bend your knees slightly and lower your torso until it’s almost parallel to the ground. Feel free to hold onto the back of a chair or use a wall for balance. With your free hand, draw the weight up to your chest by bringing your elbow up towards the ceiling. Avoid hunching your back, keep your shoulder blades down and your abs tight. 

Jump Rope

I’m all about performing workouts that also multitask. Jump rope is not only a great cardio workout but the motion of moving the rope works your back and shoulders! You can add wrist weights or a weighted rope to get an even more effective workout.

body caress bra backIn addition to a great workout routine, have you considered that what you’re wearing may even have a huge effect? The easiest and first place you should look is your bra. The right bra goes a long way in getting rid of unsightly bulges and to highlight your body shape. A well-fitting bra will help provide a smooth silhouette, giving you support exactly where you need it, without being so tight that it only adds to the bra bulge. Bras like Vanity Fair’s Body Caress Collection are ideal for everyday wear. Not only does it provide tons of support, it’s so comfortable and thanks to it’s stylish design, it’s seamless and smooth under your clothing. I love the convertible straps (for outfit flexibility) and soft molded cups that bounce back even after being smashed in a suitcase – great features to have when packing light for travel!

I participated in a #WomenWhoDo Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for Vanity Fair Lingerie. I received product samples to facilitate my review and compensation to thank me for my participation.

15 thoughts on “Simple Exercises and Tips to Beat Unsightly Bra Bulge”

  1. I have some serious issues with how untoned my arms are, which results in unsightly bra buldge. Mountain Climbers are really great to help tone them, but you’re right, they are such a pain!

  2. Sometimes those bulges are caused by ill-fitting bras. However, it is still good that we do our exercises to tone our muscles and keep our skin taut. That way, we can be sure we have won the battle of the bulge. Thanks for these tips.

  3. I’m thankful that I don’t have this issue, but I want to bookmark this for the exercises for reference! It’s always nice to do a few exercises to tone our body.

  4. I just started exercising again and this is exactly what I needed. Great tips and I am going to use them to get rid of that bulk.

  5. I absolutely HATE the bra buldge, and I helped many women get rid of this through my college job at Victoria’s Secret. I will definitely have to try out some of these ideas.


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