Brave Merida: This Year’s Hottest Halloween Costume For Girls

If you have read any of my previous posts about Disney/Pixar’s Brave, the Will o the Wisp, or the movie review, then you know that THE Halloween costume for little girls this year is totally going to be Merida!

I was so excited to get some really great Merida costume gear compliments of Disney from my #BraveCarsLandEvent trip, but unfortunately I have a little boy. Even though it didn’t keep me from letting him try it on, he probably will not be going as Merida this year :(

But if you do have a little girl, The Disney Store have just about EVERYTHING you need for the best Merida costume ever (and you’ll be the best MOM ever for putting it together!

brave merida costume

Although my little guy won’t be dressing up as Merida, I think it would be awesome if we dressed up as a family!

  • I’ll be Elinor
  • Ben as Fergus
  • and W as one of the triplets, maybe as a little bear with 2 of the bear plushes attached to him on either side?
brave hammish cub
  • Or as the reg curly red headed version – with two of these cute plushes attached. We’d be the hit of any party!
brave triplets

A huge thank you to Disney for the wonderful goodies. We don’t care that they are toys for “girls” – they are fun toys for everyone!

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  1. That RED hair is simply adorable and gives the costume a super fun touch! Can’t believe we are already thinking Halloween…time is flying and so much to catch up too!


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