Bring the Beach to Your Master Bedroom With These Inexpensive Design Tips

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There’s something about the beach that captivates just about everyone. The bright sunny skies, cool crisp ocean breeze, and the breathtaking elements of nature send you into a tranquil zone. Who wouldn’t want to feel that way all the time? You may not be able to relocate to a coastal state or visit the shore frequently, but you can bring a piece of that serene environment home with you. For instance, turning your master bathroom into a beach-inspired oasis

If you’re looking to give your master bedroom a makeover in the near future, you can’t go wrong with a beach or nautical theme. Below are some inexpensive yet attractive ideas to consider:

beach inspired bedroom

Light Paint Colors

To start your bedroom makeover choose the right paint colors. Though there is no right or wrong color option, the lighter the colors the better. Lighter colors provide a peaceful vibe which is exactly what you’re going for. They also reflect light better which is ideal for a sunny day. Lighter hues of whites, blues, greens, and tans are often what comes to mind when thinking of wall colors. If you’re really creative you can consider blending colors. For example, adding a soft blue for the beach skies that fades into a light green for the ocean or tan for the sand would look wonderful.

Distressed Wood

You may not see a lot of trees at the shore but wood is ever-present. Think of the wood found on boardwalks, boats, lifeguard stations, gates, and other surrounding pieces throughout the beach. There are plenty of ways you can incorporate this natural element into your new bedroom. You can invest in a distressed headboard, dresser, and side table.  If you can’t afford to purchase an entirely new bed set, you can get creative and make some pieces for yourself. A little sandpaper and a cool beach colored paint could give any second hand furniture a beach facelift. You could also create a feature wall made from distressed wood panels. 

beach inspired bedroom

Ocean and Sea Life

Part of what makes the beach so beautiful is the sea and ocean life that resides there. Fish, crabs, jellyfish, starfish, and seagulls are some of the most commonly seen. Take your master bedroom design a step further by adding these beautiful creatures to your decor. You could hang pictures in wooden frames on the wall, swap out knobs on drawers and cabinets, apply wallpaper or a wall border, or simply purchase little knick-knacks in the shape of popular sea life and place it throughout the room on shelves and dressers. 

New Linens

The linens in your master bedroom help to pull the entire theme together. So, if you’re going for a beach-inspired bedroom, your linens should emulate that. For instance, choose long, flowing sheer curtains for your windows. These allow as much sun to come into the room as possible while also being thin enough to allow for the cool breeze to come blowing in. As for the color of the curtains you choose, again you want to keep the lighter colors in mind using white, green, blue, and tan as your guide. If you look hard enough, however, you may be able to find curtains that have beach items imprinted on them like seashells or fish. 

Your bedding should also be swapped out. If you search contemporary bedding online, you should have no problem finding a comforter and sheet set that flows with your beach vibe. Your bedding doesn’t have to be a solid color either. You can choose whatever prints you’re into as long as it stays in line with the basic beach colors of blues, whites, tans, and greens. In fact, finding a comforter with a bold pattern actually gives the room a bit more character, so have fun when making a choice. 

beach inspired bedroom

Finishing Touches

You’ve completed the bulk of your beach-inspired master bedroom makeover. Now, for the finishing touches. This, of course, is all about the details and decor. Here’s where you get to let your creativity and personality shine the most. There are plenty of ways to bring the beach to your master bedroom. For instance, sand in a bottle. What’s a beach with no sand? You can add a bit of detail to your room by adding sand to some bottles. You can go with traditionally colored tan sand or give them a pop with colored sand found from the craft shops. Sand can be added to a vase and placed on a side table or bookshelf for a nice touch. 

Seagrass is another natural element of the beach that you can easily incorporate into your designs. Seagrass is often woven into decorative baskets, window shades, and area rugs which are great home decor pieces to add to your beach-themed bedroom. Add your favorite seashells to shelves and tabletops for an appeal or place them neatly in a shadowbox for display on your walls. You can hang beach-inspired artwork on the walls. There are also some pretty attractive throw pillows with seashells, starfish, fish, and palm trees you can place on the bed or in chairs in your master bedroom. A bed canopy is another addition you can add for a bit of a romantic beach resort vibe for you and your significant other. 

Lastly, add a few other bedroom decors odd and ends that match the room. They have scented candles that smell like the ocean and are also gorgeous hues of blue or green. Lamps with bamboo or seagrass bottoms add a nice effect as well. If you really want to feel like you’re on a retreat, download some soundscape music with a beach theme so you hear seagulls or the waves crashing on the shore. It can be great for calming you down after a long day. 

You can’t take the entire shore with you, but you can bring a little piece of it home to indulge in whenever you’d like. The master bedroom is the perfect place in your home to create such a beautiful, calming, and tranquil environment. Hopefully, you’ve got some good ideas on how to create the ideal beach-inspired room you’ll love coming home to.