Keep Your Skincare Routine Simple and Natural for Summer

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Summer is in full swing and I am combating the elements, desperately trying to keep my skin at some kind of normal baseline. The sun, heat, and outdoor activities are hard on my skin so I rely on natural products to tame my dry, oily combination. 

swell 3Swell Skin has been my new favorite skin regimen lately – especially when the heat is on. Now in my thirties, I have completely switched my skincare routine to meet its new needs. In my twenties, it was all about controlling my acne and combating my oily, dry combination skin type. Now, it is still about battling that combination, but while also trying to prevent lines and smooth those pesky wrinkles that are starting to creep up.

Part of my problem was due to using harsh products that combat acne. It would dry out my skin which made it produce more oil to help with the dryness, and it creates a combination of dry and oily skin. It has taken me years to realize that more natural products are what my skin needs, and it is all about hydration. The Swell Skin products are made with natural ingredients that help moisturize my skin to keep it looking firm and fresh while reducing the look of pores. Founded by Kelli Klus, Swell Skin is based upon her 15 years working with alternative medicine and providing wellness consulting. Klus uses the oil of the sea buckthorn berry as the basis for her products, and its countless healing capabilities makes it a prime ingredient for skincare and the secret to success for Swell Skin.

buckthorn berry

The shrub with its vibrant orange berries is usually found in countries such as China, Canada, and Russia. It has been used to treat a variety of ailments including arthritis, skin rashes, high blood pressure and more. The oil from this berry makes the Swell Skin products gentle but effective. It is also what defines the “one and done” philosophy which means each product is designed to create youthful, hydrated skin, and you can choose what works for you. The line offers a variety of moisturizers and serums as well as a body wash to choose from. I was lucky enough to try out the whole line to kick off my summer, and I was thrilled by the effects on my skin.    

The Bare Face bar is my new favorite face wash. I have used exfoliating face washes for years, but with the recent ban on microbeads (for environmental reasons) and my switch to less harsh products, the bar has been perfect. It is packed with antioxidants that leave my skin feeling light and fresh without drying it out. All products have a subtle, fresh citrus scent that is pleasant and refreshing. 

swell 4I always add a little moisturizer to my foundation before applying. In my experience, it helps blend better and creates a smoother look. The Hydrate and Radiate Moisture Retention Serum goes on smooth without feeling heavy. Made with ingredients that help limit water loss to keep skin looking young and supple, it moisturizes without leaving my skin looking shiny. It has helped even out my skin tone and made my combination skin much more normal.

skinI grew up having frequent acne breakouts, and it has left me with larger pores and some minor scarring. The Tight and Toned Radiant Pore Exfoliating Toner helps reduce the look of pores I have struggled with and given my skin a much smoother appearance. It is alcohol-free (which means it won’t dry out my skin) and exfoliates while soothing with aloe. There is also the Everything All Boosting Serum which is also packed with sea buckthorn, green tea, and aloe to help tighten pores and saturate skin to keep it firm. 

swell 5The One and Done Moisturizer has been a miracle worker, especially after a long weekend. My summer weekends usually consist of a lot of sun and sometimes way too much wine. It leaves my skin dry and looking less than youthful. I make sure to apply it before bed when I need a little extra help. It has antioxidants and vitamins A, C, and E to give me a boost when I have overindulged in summer fun. 

swell 6Swell Skin moisturizers don’t stop at the face. The Good Body Dry Body Oil is a spray that seals in moisture and heals. This is what you need to save dry summer skin! It is an easy lightweight spray that absorbs quickly and great on those hot mornings when lotion is the last thing you want to put on. This has also been a saver when my sunburned skin starts to peel. A quick spray keeps me looking like a flaky mess. A  3 in 1 Hydrating Body Wash is  also offered for a well-rounded routine that will hydrate and make your skin summer perfect. If you are looking for something more natural to change up your routine, the Swell Skin line is a different approach to skincare. It relies on the natural healing elements of the sea buckthorn berry and keeps their products simple so you can keep your skincare routine simple. 

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