Budget Friendly DIY Bridal Shower Party Décor

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My sister is getting married this summer, and I am the maid of honor. As many of you know, this requires a lot of work, but I am more than happy to do all of it for my sister.

With an approaching wedding, I have a shower to plan. My sister has always loved Paris so we decided to do a Parisian theme. However, I am not as crafty as others so the decorations posed a challenge, but I am excited to say that I have been able to create many of the decorations from scratch. And…I did it with items purchased right at my local Dollar General.table1_collageTry some of these for your next party…

Party Backdrop

Creation Time: 35 minutes  

Supplies Needed: 3 tablecloths and scissors


Step 1. Layer the table clothes one on top of the other. I folded over the ends and staggered them for effect. I used round ones but rectangles work too.

Step 2. Cut strips in the tablecloths from bottom up leaving about a foot of clearance at the top. The strips do not need to be any particular size. I found it easier to tack the tablecloths on the wall where it would be displayed and then, I cut the strips.

Step 3. After cutting, go through each set of strips and pull them apart to give them some volume.

Step 4. Add a banner or more decorations at the top for effect.

Flower Ball Decoration

Creation Time: 1 hour  

Supplies Needed: Streamers, newspaper and duct tape (or Styrofoam ball), and glue

Flower ball 2

Step 1. Cut streamers into strips about 1 ½ feet long.

Step 2. Start rolling up the streamer tightly at first to make the center then slowly making it looser and working the streamer upwards.


Step 3. Glue them on to a ball shape or whatever object you would like to decorate. You can use a Styrofoam ball, but in a pinch, I just balled up some newspaper and covered it with hot pink duct tape (supplied at the Dollar General) forming it into a ball. Don’t worry about it looking pretty, you’ll be covering it with flowers anyway.


Step 3. Glue your flowers on with a hot glue gun. The Dollar General has a wide variety of glue as well as glue guns for sale. No need to go to the expensive craft stores to get a glue gun.

*If you aren’t as crafty with the streamers, the Dollar General also has a wide variety of reusable flowers that could easily cut to make this project.

Clothes Pin Wreath

Creation Time: 1 Hour

Supplies Needed: Wire, clothes pins, glue, and photos


Step 1. Form wire into a circle

Step 2. Begin clipping the clothes pins on the wire alternating the pins. Clip one then the next should be clipped so the tail goes the opposite direction of the previous one. As you clip them, use a dab of hot glue to hold them in place, otherwise they will twist and turn.

CP 2

Step3. Slide pictures onto the wreath to make a creative display.

Streamer Chandelier

Creation Time: 35 minutes         

Crafts Needed: Streamers and wire

streamer chand 2

Step 1. Use the wire to to make a circle.

Step 2. Use a cow hitch knot to tie the streamers to the wire. Fold the streamer in half. Wrap the loose ends around the wire pulling them through the loop at the top. Pull tight but not too rough or you will tear the streamers.

sc final

Step 3. Use a little ribbon to tie on the wire to hang your streamer chandelier.

In addition to the supplies I needed for my crafts, I also got decorations at Dollar General. The clear, bubbly placemat is actually just a bath mat! They had vases, flowers, and all the accessories to make the décor pop.

table 2

All of my goodie bags and gifts were also purchased at Dollar General. It was the perfect place to get gifts for our bridal shower guests, and they have a great selection of funky gift wrapping ideas.


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