A Game Of Cat & Mouse: DIY Crafts

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Cats have been chasing mice for years and years, but that doesn’t stop them from being totally adorable in the process. From cat toys to sock puppets, here are my favorite crafts based on the fuzzy critters suitable for preschoolers to experts.


These felt cat toys by My Fantastic Toys are surprisingly simple to make with only three required materials. Using felt and embroidery floss is an easy way to teach sewing skills, and make a gift for the family pet.

mouse craft

For your kiddos who aren’t ready to use needles or scissors yet, these pipe cleaner mice by Fun Family Tips are simple enough to make that they are great road trip or travel crafts.


Upcycle fuzzy socks by making a cuddly cat and mouse. Check out the instructions on Danielle’s Place on how to sew and glue your own stuffed animals.


Toilet paper rolls are never glamorous, but they are perfect craft supplies. With a little construction paper, you can transform your cardboard rolls into pretty kitties like the ones here from Learn Create Love.


Seeing how little your child’s hand used to be is something you can never replace, so take advantage of handprint crafts like this one from ClickACraft.


Don’t forget to feed your cat! This reminder from Spoonful lets you slide a paw to make sure you don’t double feed your feline. Don’t have a cat? Put the face of your furry friend instead.


These story stones by Red Bird Crafts let your kids make up their own stories using the creatures, characters, and objects on the stones. The best part is that you can play with your story stones anywhere, and it’s easy to make more.


Lastly, no dress up box is complete without animal ears! Make your own cat and mouse ears using fabrics and headbands, like the ones on Hart + Sew.


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