Clever Uses for Household Items: Ordinary Products in Your Kitchen

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Look around your house, and you’ll see a lot of ordinary items that have super powers when it comes to cleaning, projects, and more! Vinegar, salt, cornstarch, coffee filters, and wax paper are just a few ordinary items most of us have in the kitchen. Do you know all the clever uses for these ordinary products?

Clever Uses for Ordinary Household Products


  • Great for removing stains and mineral deposits from your coffee maker. Every three weeks you should mix 1 part white vinegar and 2 parts water in the reservoir then brew. BUT don’t forget to hit brew. I did that once and my hubby thought it was just water, the pot was still dirty and his morning coffee was gross! Oops.
  • Soak new clothes or towels  in 1 part white vinegar and 1 part cold water for 15 minutes before washing to keep colors from running.
  • Pour on grass or weeds to kill them
  • Freshen wilted veggies by soaking in 2 cups cold water and 1Tbsp vinegar for 10 minutes then rinse and serve
  • Store hard cheese in a air tight bag, wrapped in a vinegar soaked cloth to prevent mold spores.

Clever Uses for Household Items: Ordinary Products in Your Kitchen


Much more than just a cooking ingredient. Ask almost any southern gentleman and they’ll tell you they sprinkle cornstarch in their loafers to prevent blisters when wearing them without socks.

  • You can also sprinkle it inside socks to absorb moisture and prevent blisters.
  • When using rubber gloves, sprinkle cornstarch inside the gloves to prevent them from sticking.
  • Remember that chain necklace in your jewelry drawer that has a knot in it….cornstarch, works like magic.

Clever Uses for Household Items: Ordinary Products in Your Kitchen

Coffee Filters

  • Have you ever opened a bottle of wine and broken the cork? It’s happened too many times for me to count. If you want to save the wine, push the cork all the way in and then pour it through a coffee filter into your glass to prevent pieces of cork in your drink.
  • Also great for cleaning windows and mirrors, because they don’t have lint your windows will be streak free.
  • Place filters between your china to prevent your nice dishes from getting chipped and scratched.

Clever Uses for Household Items: Ordinary Products in Your Kitchen


Everyone has salt in their kitchen, right, but have you ever used it for anything other than seasoning?

  • One night I left my fast food cup on our antique liquor cabinet, and it left a water mark. Salt to the rescue: combine salt and cooking oil to make a paste, rub the paste on the water mark with a sponge, allow it to sit for a few minutes  then wipe with a soft cloth and polish!
  • Remove dirt from veggies like spinach and kale
  • Get rid of excess bubbles when dish washing or to clean a greasy pan.

Clever Uses for Household Items: Ordinary Products in Your Kitchen

Wax Paper

Did you know wax paper is good for cleaning?

  • Rub wax paper on chrome fixtures after cleaning to prevent finger smudges and water spots.
  • Can also be used to clean a handheld can opener, just run a piece through the gears to remove dirt and grime.
  • Keep cast iron pans from rusting by placing wax paper between the pans when stacking in cabinets.

Do you have any success stories with using other ordinary household products?;

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  1. wax paper between pans is an excellent tip – I have a set of creuset that I don’t use so much – hopefully this will help!


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