Fall Gardening: Add Color to Your Landscape with Mums, Pansies and Pumpkins!

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This summer I tried cultivating my first garden. I failed. I blame it on a variety of factors. Lack of rain and fertilizer would be one (hey, it was my first try – I lived and learned.) Another reason would be a 130lb giant named Bently. Apparently he thought my Gladiola’s looked best dug up and strewn about my yard. Lastly, I may have pulled a few thinking they were weeds. Can you hear me sighing? I can hear my grandmother groaning. This fall I’m determined to turn things around. I want to find beauty in the Fall with successful Fall gardening. I assessed my problems and created a to-do list. Here it is:

  • Defeat Bently by potting my plants.
  • Avoid pulling “weeds” by buying full grown plants until I get the hang of things.
  • Utilize a watering can – preferably something adorable.
  • Research fertilizers to see what works best for me.
  • Figure out what plants work best in Michigan’s fall climate. I need all the help I can get.

pansy 1344366 1280

So the first 3 are easy peasy. I decided to hit the net to discover the best fertilizers and flowers to plant. I’m going with “add fall color”  but they also have projects for Lawn Care, Weed Control, Garden & Landscape, Birds & Wildlife, and Bugs & Rodents. The “add fall color” project was broken down into five easy steps.

  1. The Easy Way: Plant Mums and Pansies
  2. OR Include Natives in Your Plan
  3. Provide a Healthy Home
  4. Feed Your Flowers Regularly
  5. Water as Needed

Obviously, I chose the easy way. Bonus, Mums and Pansies are bright and beautiful. According to the website these plants can grow almost anywhere in the country, and they’re usually easy to find at garden centers. Plus, they can be grouped in planters or flower beds. Now I’ll admit I did double check with grandma, the end all be all for gardening, and she confirmed what they said. After that I decided a little “pinning” was in order!  So maybe I’m just a Pinterest addict; either way I found a few really cool ideas!


Photo from Eclectically Vintage

I love the mixture of fall plants and the way mums are both hanging and setting at different heights. 

fall porch decor pumpkins mums by liz marie 0001

Liz Marie pulled off the perfect pinterest worthy front porch with her old milk jugs, mums and gourds.  I pulled so much from this picture! My house is set up nothing like this but there is a lot of inspiration in the photo.I don’t have steps leading up to my front door but I do have a sidewalk going to the door and along the front of the house. Potted mums and pansies would look great lining it.  These gourds are plain but painted gourds are a great fall project with my two year old.  Lastly, I love that the flowers at different heights. It adds depth without being overwhelming.


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