If My Coffee Cup Could Talk

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Do you remember your first sip of coffee? I remember as a kid waking up to the delicious smell of coffee filling the house on Sunday mornings. My Dad would sit at the dining room table with his mug and the newspaper while the six kids in the house would run amuck. When my Dad would leave his post, usually to yell at one of us kids, I would sneak over and smell the rich dark coffee in his mug, but he would never let me have a sip. Then, one morning I dared to sneak a taste while he was away from the table. As the hot, bitter liquid hit my tongue I spit it back into the mug just as my father stepped back into the room. He opened his mouth to scold me, and I dropped the mug onto the table spilling the contents all over the newspaper, and I ran outside. Ever since, I have always associated coffee with me Dad, and my not so great first taste. However, it didn’t deter me from sneaking more sips of coffee, and I grew to love a cup of hot coffee…with a dash of cream and sugar.


In high school, I began drinking coffee regularly, and every morning I would drive to school sipping it from my travel mug listening to music much too loudly enjoying that incredible sense of freedom of youth. I felt like such a grown up driving with a cup of coffee. When I went to college, my roommates and I would sit on our futon gulping coffee as we talked about life and love and whether or not we should skip class. Once I was married, over a morning cup is where we talked about our futures and our careers. It was when we mapped out our lives. Now, that I am a mother, my morning cup is when I get to plan the day, when I squeeze in my writing, and I where I get the energy to keep up with the rest of the day. Life is what happens in the those small in between moments, it is when we build relationships, and when we find a moment’s peace before we face the day.


Coffee has been a huge part of my life, and some of my favorite moments revolved around those cups of coffee in kitchens and dorm rooms and at the counter of the very first house I owned. Now that I have a family, I get up long before the house stirs, and I make a quick cup of Folgers instant coffee as I settle down at my desk to get some work done before the house wakes up. My cup of Instant coffee is my morning comfort, my motivation, my time to focus on just me, and I don’t think I could make it through the day without it.

Now that summer is on the way, I love to indulge with an iced coffee! The Folgers® Instant Single Serve Packets are perfect to make a great quick and easy iced coffee treat for a hot day. Try this easy recipe for a delicious icy treat for summer.

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Are you a coffee fiend? What is your favorite part about a cup of hot coffee? 

If you’re looking for some new ways to perk up your coffee, try some of these Folgers Recipes.

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20 thoughts on “If My Coffee Cup Could Talk”

  1. This recipe is one of the strangest but the most delicious. I have tried it several time before. Thanks guys for this.

  2. I was actually never a huge coffee fan, until I tried cold coffee. Now I’m a huge fan, and depend on it a lot.

  3. I love that you can still remember your first cup of coffee! I hated coffee, the smell of coffee, everything about it until I was in my 30s. I don’t remember what changed my mind, but through high school, college, my 20s and some of my 30s, I drank a particular brand of pop that is yellow. That is how I got my caffeine. Now I rarely think that stuff, let alone pop but I love coffee!!

  4. I have a sign in my house that says I have a little coffee with my cream, lol. I do love a hot cup of coffee when it’s drowned in cream. It’s a great way to start the day.

  5. Coffee is a big part of my life I’m a huge fan of 7-Eleven coffee it’s cheap to me and I get rewards for going there often. Also have a Keurig 2 to machine that I use as well


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