Tips for Making Great Iced Coffee at Home

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Does your love of iced coffee run so deep that you’re willing to travel well out of your way each morning just to purchase the perfect cup?

Do you find yourself wasting a lot of time in line and spending quite a bit of your budget on your favorite drink?

Though treating yourself on occasion is cool, often the best way to resolve your issues is to learn how to make it at home with your own french press coffee. 

Believe it or not, making your own cup of iced coffee at home is fairly simple.

If it’s the taste you’re worried about, don’t worry as there are plenty of solutions to make it taste great every time. Check out these tips below: 

Buy Quality Coffee Beans

The best cup of coffee is best defined by the type of beans you chose to use. If you want yours to taste similar to your favorite cafes and bistros, you’ll need to invest in a high-quality grade of coffee beans.

Tips for Making Great Iced Coffee at Home

From La Colombe to George Howell coffee, there are so many different brands to choose from which could get quite confusing.

To narrow down your options keep things in mind like your preferred taste, the amount of caffeine you’re looking for, and brand reputation. 

Make Coffee Ice Cubes

Instead of watering down your caffeinated beverage with regular ice cubes, you can keep the flavor and taste locked in with coffee ice cubes.

Make a little extra coffee and freeze the remaining coffee in ice trays. Store in the freezer until you’re ready to use them. 

Water is Everything

More than half the makeup of your iced coffee beverage is water. If your water doesn’t taste right, however, it can ruin the entire drink.

Tips for Making Great Iced Coffee at Home

Tap water too high in chlorine, rust, or lime deposits, for example, can give your iced coffee a bad taste no matter what you add to it. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you use filtered or spring water when making your beverage.

The same is true when it comes to using ice.

Add Your Own Twist

While a cup of black iced coffee can be ideal for some, others prefer a bit of flavor to take things up a notch.

Outside of sugar (or preferred sweetener) and creamer, be sure to stock up on different flavored coffee creamers and syrups in order to play around with the taste and make it your own. 

Try our Night Owl’s Hazelnut Bulletproof Iced Coffee recipe for an easy and super cute twist that will impress your coffee-lovin’ friends. It’s seriously so easy to make and portions of it can be made up in bulk ahead of time.

Hazelnut Bulletproof Iced Coffee recipe

Easy Yet Delicious Coffee Recipes

If you’re new to the world of ice coffee or simply want to give your tastebuds the experience of a lifetime, then knowing a few different recipes can help you switch things up.

Here are a few easy but delicious iced coffee recipes to try at home: 

Creamy Iced Coffee (Instant)

Though the better the coffee grounds, the better the taste, sometimes you just don’t have the time or the resources to brew your own coffee. In that case, you can still enjoy a nice cold glass with instant coffee.

For this recipe, you’ll need a 12 ounce can of evaporated milk, 2 tablespoons of instant coffee roast of your choice, ⅓ cup of sugar, ice cubes, and whipped cream. 

iced latte recipes

Combine the evaporated milk, instant coffee, and sugar into a blender. Blend the mixture until everything is dissolved.

Then, pour the mixture over a glass of ice and add a bit of whipped cream to the top for additional sweetness (and aesthetic appeal). 


If you want to get a little fancy with your iced coffee you can make your own frappuccinos at home. It takes about ten minutes to prepare but tastes just as great as any cafe or restaurant.

frappucino recipe


  • 3 cups coffee grounds
  • ⅔ can sweet condensed milk
  • 1 cup whole milk
  • ½ of a vanilla bean
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • about 8 cups of ice 


  1. Make a strong pot of coffee and allow it to chill in the fridge for several hours.
  2. Then, add the coffee, whole milk, and sweet condensed milk to a blender.
  3. Cut the vanilla bean in half, scrape the seeds, and add them to the blender.
  4. Lastly, add the vanilla extract and fill the blender with ice.
  5. Blend until all the ingredients are combined and smooth.
  6. Pour it in a glass, and top it with whipped cream and enjoy. 

Iced coffee really is a treat no matter what the temperature is outside.

Once you’ve followed the advice provided above and gotten a few recipes under your belt, you’ll see just how convenient it can be to make your own at home.

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