Dairy Free/Vegan Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

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Beep! Beep! Beep! Those are the first sounds that introduce most people to the day. It is no wonder so many people hate mornings. Waking up to the incessant beeping of unnatural electronics has a way of initiating feelings of anger and dread. We arrive at consciousness and come to the realization that we must climb from our warm, comfy beds and face the stress and chaos of the day. This is where coffee becomes our saving grace. Its delicious scent floats through the house exciting our taste buds, and like Pavlov’s dogs we salivate at the thought of its warm, soothing comfort. We associate it with our morning ritual and that kick of caffeine that allows us to jump on the day.

bulletproof coffee recipe

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I began drinking coffee in college, huddled with classmates in our lecture halls sipping, chatting, and feverishly writing notes. At my first real job, I brought along my thermos feeling more “adult” with its presence. After marrying my husband, I sipped mug-fulls on the weekends as we lounged on the first new furniture we ever owned. When my son arrived, I brewed coffee at all hours of the day taking a sip only to forget where I set it and pouring one after another. The first few months after he was born, the house was littered with toys, bottles, and coffee cups. Now, I sip coffee quietly with my husband in the mornings before the day starts. We no longer need to fill the time with mindless chatter. Sitting next to one another enjoying the rare stillness is the most relaxing moment of the day. It gives us both the courage and stamina to tackle our days. Just the smell of brewing coffee conjures images of the many happy moments of life, and I hope throughout the years, I only add to that long reel of happy memories.     

bulletproof coffee recipe

As a necessary fuel for the day, I need a bold coffee that will be strong regardless of who does the brewing. While I won’t name names, when staying with family members, I need more coffee than regular day to day and some relatives just can’t seem to make a good cup of coffee. However, Folgers Coffeehouse Blend is able to maintain a its flavor and potency despite how it is made. Its smooth, strong flavor is a welcome comfort and there are a variety of ways to brew Folgers to create a unique taste all your own. which is why I developed this delicious dairy free and vegan version of a Bulletproof Coffee recipe for a nice morning kick, without all the guilt!


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Dairy-Free/Vegan Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

1 cup of Folgers Coffeehouse Blend 
1 large scoop or about two tablespoons of canned coconut cream, chilled for a few hours so it will separate and harden.
1 tablespoon pure maple syrup
coffee creamer to taste, I used a coconut milk creamer

  1. Brew the Folgers Coffeehouse Blend as you typically do (I like to use the K-cup pods and make a smaller cup) then carefully pour the coffee into your blender.
  2. Add in the coconut cream, pure maple syrup, and creamer, blend on high until the coffee is a bit frothy. Pour the coffee back into your mug or saves perfectly in the refrigerator for later. (I’ll often make a double batch so I only need to make coffee a few times a week vs daily).
  3. The coconut cream is loaded with essential fats and the all-natural pure maple syrup brings important minerals to the table making this one cup for coffee you can really sit back and feel great about!

The Domestic Geek has helped Folgers create a fun interactive “Coffeehouse at Home” guide, which talks about the best ways to prepare coffee and provides tips for no matter how you like it – iced, french pressed, traditional drip or cold brewed.

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