Don’t Miss the Boat!

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I live in the Great Lakes State which means our summers are spent in the water. In addition to the coastline along the Great Lakes, Michigan is also home to over 11,000 inland lakes. I could literally visit a new lake every day for over 30 years! What is a girl to do with all of the sun and water? We go boating!


My family’s summer revolves around lazy boat rides around the local lakes, sunny afternoons catching fish, and hours tubing off the back of the boat. It has become one of the few stress relievers where we can literally leave behind the world and just have fun. We leave the phones on shore, and hit the open water.

Some of my favorite memories have been on our boat, and we have even started yearly traditions out on the water. Each year we go to a local music festival where we park our boats along the bay and stay from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. We hop from boat to boat visiting friends, jumping in the water, dancing in the sunshine, and living the good life.

Our boat is also our number one destination for the fourth of July. We go north and park our boat in one of the local lakes where an exquisite display of fireworks takes place right over the water.

The lake is also where we find mini vacations. On lazy Sundays we call a couple of friends for a spontaneous boat trip. We head out for the day and take pleasure in a simple boat ride. The sun upon your face, the breeze in your hair, there is something peaceful about being on the open water.

Out on the lake is where we will spend sunny summers teaching our son to fish and swim. On the boat we will teach our son how to navigate the waters. We will visit the many great state parks learning about the history of our state and cruise the waters where our ancestors once used to aid in the building of settlements.


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My favorite tool is Get on the Water. Whether we are looking for a new lake near home or we are finding a vacation spot, I just enter a zip code, and there are immediate results for rentals, boating classes, marinas, boat launches, and lots more. Take advantage of these tools and start exploring the waters neat you.

Over 80 million people go boating each year, don’t you want to see why life is better on the water?

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21 thoughts on “Don’t Miss the Boat!”

  1. I feel like you’ve been inside my head! We had a boating weekend this summer, and my husband has not stopped his less-than-subtle hints about our “NEED” for a boat!

  2. Boating is definitely something that is on my to do list! It looks like a lot of fun and I already enjoy being outdoors, so it would be a great fit for me.

  3. One of the things I love about living in Michigan is the year-round activities and being surrounded by water. It is a state full of natural beauty and plenty of adventure.

  4. I get motion sickness but I LOVE being out on the water. I’ve always said I should’ve been raised on the beach or lake. Being on or in the water is so satisfying

  5. I think I need to save up for a house first before I even let myself dream about a boat. (Actually I have been boat trips in different cities, but never an actual cruise vacation). I would like to go ‘boat hopping’ certainly sounds more fun than ‘bar hopping’ LOL :-)

  6. The Boat Selector Guide sounds really helpful. I would love to learn more about the possibility of one day having a boat.

  7. I haven’t been on a boat in years. I think I was 12 or 13 so it’s been ages. Sounds like fun, I’m sure my kiddos would love to go boating too!

  8. Boating and being on the water looks like so much fun. I have a daughter who would love to learn more about fishing, might have to see if there is a class for that next summer.

  9. We used to have a boat, but we sold it before we bought our house. We live on Lake Lanier and plan to get a new boat after the girls get a little older.

  10. I LOVE going boating! We have not been boating in a long time though. We need to buy a boat. Can’t wait to get back on the water!

  11. I have not been out on a boat in ages and really miss the days of fishing with my dad. Perhaps we can arrange a trip sometime this fall and bring the kids along!

  12. I would love to boat more often, but here in Kansas, the lakes tend to be…scuzzy. It’s all the mud bottoms, and since many are man’made, they have dead trees sticking out the the water….no bueno.


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