Easy Fourth of July DIY Decorations and Recipe Ideas

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I love getting festive for upcoming holidays but I absolutely hate the chinsey cheap decorations that appear on store shelves every year. You’re lucky if any of it lasts the through the day.

So, I did what most people do – I hit the ‘net looking for inspiration. I came across a few Fourth of July DIY decorations and recipe ideas, everything from the subtle to the full blown, go all out Fourth of July party.

These are all simple Fourth of July DIY projects that anyone can do – so get the kids in on the fun too!

4th of July DIY decorations

Fourth of July DIY Decorations and Recipes to Try 

This might be my favorite DIY Fourth of July craft on this list. Alphamom has a step-by-step tutorial on how to make your own 4th of July popper rockets, complete with an explosion of confetti.

DIY fourth of july pop rockets

These are so dang fun, you won’t mind grabbing the vacuum afterwards.

If you plan on using these outside, please remember to use biodegradable confetti paper.

Fourth of July BBQ Party idea

Mariah at gigglesgalorenmore shares how she put together her Fourth of July BBQ party. A ton of great ideas here – I especially like the fruit and marshmallow kabobs.

Speaking of fruit kabobs, our red white and blue fruit sticks idea recipe is so easy to make that even the littlest kids can help make it. It’s a refreshing, healthy snack so you won’t mind if the kids have more than one.

red white and blue fruit skewers recipe

All you need is a good sized watermelon, blueberries and some sticks. Using a star-shaped cookie cutter is the secret trick for perfect star shapes every time.

You seriously can’t get any easier than this labeled serving bucket idea for your Fourth of July buffet, snack or dessert table setup.

Fourth of July decor

Tip: Use waterproof labels on these 5″ galvanized pails for small items and this 5 quart pail if you need something larger.

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I love how simple this Fourth of July centerpiece is to put together.

Fourth of July floral centerpiece

Just grab a clear Mason jar and add your favorite red, white, and/or blue flowers. Top it off with a mini American flag and you’re good to go.

You can wash and rinse the Mason jars after the party to store leftovers!

If you want to WOW your family or guests, our Mini Mixed Berry Cobbler Recipe with Salted Caramel Pretzel Frozen Custard recipe is perfect for any 4th of July BBQ party and is much easier to make than it looks.

mini mixed berry cobbler recipe

I like that there are no additional presentation dishes required. Just put out a Mason jar filled with spoons and serve in the mini cast iron skillets they were baked in.

I used these cotton red gingham napkins to place under the mini skillets.

Another fun Fourth of July dessert recipe is Southern Living’s red, white and blue Firecracker Bundt Cake.

Firecracker Bundt cake

You’ll need to dig out your bundt pan for this festive cake recipe. The pops of color baked into the cake itself add a fun little surprise.

fourth of july diy decorations Easy Fourth of July DIY Decorations and Recipe Ideas

We love the modern pinwheel inspired Fourth of July party ideas from hostessblog. They have a TON of photos and awesome inspiration.

She kept the decor and patterns simple and it all came together fabulously, don’t you think?

More Fourth of July DIY Inspiration

Fourth of July DIY decorations and recipe ideas
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