If You Love Saving Money and Convenience, You’re Going to Adore Crate Space

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Are you one of the many people that have found it easier to shop online for household products? Why drive to the store, brave the crowded aisles, self scan your own items (am I the only one that is annoyed by this?) or haul heavy bags when you can just click a button and your laundry detergent and shampoo will be delivered right to your doorstep. While may be easier to shop online for a lot of your household necessities, with so many services to choose from, it can be difficult to figure out which website offers the best deals. This is where Crate Space comes in. Saving money or shopping online are not new concepts, but where Crate Space is different than the others is where it really shines.

crate space

What Is It?

With Crate Space you can choose from a variety of brand name products – from household to skin care and everything in between. You simply select 5 items for your crate and pay a flat rate of $29.99 every time. Yes, every time!

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Then it ships directly to you for free!


This method essentially makes everything on the site the same “price”. But for those hard core bargain hunters out there, when you go to checkout, the current MSRP is shown for the products, and you will also be provided with a breakdown of the exact percentage you will save with your selected items. No more shopping around for the best deal, buying in bulk, clipping coupons or being surprised at the register. There are no weight limits and no shipping fees to the US. You know exactly what your total will be before you’re even done. How awesome is that?

What’s The Catch?

Are you ready for this? There is none! In fact, unlike many other shopping/delivery sites, there is no monthly membership fee for Crate Space. I love this, because I actually belong to a few of these shopping sites and it’s sometimes stressful trying to figure out if the convenience or membership fees I am paying are actually worth the savings I am receiving. 

Crate Space only stocks the best deals and offers popular brand name items. No need to sort through page after page of paper towels, or anything else you may need because they’ve already done the work so you don’t have to. 

Crate Space products sample

When I first took a look around the site, I was skeptical. At $29.99 for 5 items, you’re essentially paying about $6.00 for each product you choose, so I was expecting to see a bunch of products that had MSRPs of about $8-10 that I would recognize as being on sale often anyway. I was pleasantly surprised to see fairly “big ticket” items like razor blade refills and batteries being available for choosing. Of course I compared each item for current pricing on Amazon and my local pharmacy or grocery store and was satisfied that I really was getting a great deal for the items I wanted. I chose the above products for my first crate, and as you can see, I saved a whopping 60% off MSRP. 

crate space products

So this got me thinking – what are the “best deal bundles” I could put together in each category of the site? Here are just a couple of the great cost saving crates we created in each category offered. 


crate space products


crate space products


Bath & Body

crate space productsSkin Care

crate space products


crate space products


crate space products

Why not hop on over and see how much you can save on your own Crate?

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