That awesome ninja costume you saw at the mall. A football uniform he coordinated with his best friend. Or maybe a superhero super-costume? No matter which get-up your kids (finally) land on, we can all agree on one thing – kids spend a lot of time figuring out what they want to be for Halloween. But sometimes Halloween gets away from us, and before we know it we’re scrambling to find the perfect costumes in time.  If you are still searching for that perfect idea, look no further than their favorite Netflix characters for inspiration.  Netflix CostumseJust in time for Halloween, Netflix teamed up with Gina Lee who is known for dressing her daughter up in some of the coolest DIY costumes including: Cabbage Patch Dolls, Inspector Gadget, Princess Leia and the Cracker Jack Sailor to name a few. Check out her Instagram for cuteness overload! In addition to this AWESOME Red Costume from one of our favorite shows, Orange is the new Black, she also provided a few more Netflix-inspired costumes that you’re more than welcome to borrow.

But if chicken-carrying Red ensembles or trench coat-clad Inspector Gadgets aren’t your kid’s thing, check out our list of titles below to find an idea they’re sure to get excited about.

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Me and my family!
  • Tinker Bell
    Costume Ideas: Tinker Bell, Periwinkle, Fawn, Vidia, Iridessa, Rosetta, Silvermist
  • Star Wars
    Costume Ideas: Will you be joining the dark side as Darth Vader? 
  • Jake and the Neverland Pirates
    Costume Idea: Jake, Izzy, Skully, Captain Hook, or Mr. Smee! 
  • Ever After High
    Costume Idea: What’s cooler than being Cinderella or Prince Charming? Dressing up as Apple White or Ashlynn Ella 
  • The Avengers
    Costume Idea: Pick an Avenger! 
  • My Little Pony
    Costume Ideas: Princess Twilight Sparkle, Apple Jack, Fluttershy, or Rarity

How about this awesome DIY costume for Eleven from Stranger Things?


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