Halloween Rhyming Words

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It’s that spooky time of year again, when ghosts and goblins are out in full force! If you’re looking for some fun halloween-themed words that rhyme, you’ve come to the right place.

In this blog post, we will list some of our favorite halloween rhyming words. So put on your thinking cap and get ready to rhyme!

Halloween rhyming words -  - Halloween Rhyming Words

Here are a few of our favorite halloween-themed words matched with some words that rhyme with them.

  • Halloween: between, seen, mean green, between, machine, clean, queen, unseen, wolverine, scene, intervene, submarine
  • Scare: lair, care, hair, bear, where, there, air, fair, rare, chair, stare, beware, flair, dare, ensnare
  • Witch: which, itch, stitch, rich, ditch, switch, pitch, twitch, glitch
  • Spider: wider, rider, bider, slider, cider
  • Pumpkin: bumpkin, dumping, lumpkin, jump in
  • Skeleton: gelatin, pelican
  • Bat: rat, cat, hat, mat, scat, gnat, drat, splat, flat
  • Moon: boon, dune, swoon, spoon
  • Ghost: toast, most, host, post, boast, roast
  • Broom: room, tomb, zoom, doom, loom, costume, assume, bloom, consume, whom, gloom,
  • Fright: bright, bite, sight, night, light, spite, might, flight, tonight, fight, delight, might, invite, plight, ignite
  • Candy: handy, dandy, sandy
  • Scary: merry, fairy, hairy, very, wary, contrary, dairy, Larry
  • Trick: thick, quick, sick, pick, stick, kick, slick
  • Treat: meat, seat, bleat, complete, feet, heat, sweet, defeat, retreat, neat, delete, greet, cheat, discreet, compete, feat
  • Spooky: kooky, Suzuki, Pooky
  • Lurk: work, smirk, berserk, clerk, murk, quirk, shirk
  • House: mouse, spouse, grouse
  • Afraid: made, trade, paid, played, grade, stayed, displayed, shade, blade, raid, betrayed, crusade, obeyed, fade, invade, sprayed, dismayed, strayed, masquerade, charade, disobeyed, frayed, persuade, forbade
  • Evil: retrieval, upheaval, primeval, weevil, medieval
  • Eerie: theory, weary, dreary, query, teary
  • Gruesome: twosome
  • Creepy: sleepy, weepy
  • Bones: stones, zones, phones, groans, moans, thrones, drones
  • Bloody: study, buddy, muddy

We hope this quick list of halloween rhyming words helped you out. What are some of your favorite halloween words that rhyme? Let us know in the comments below. Happy Halloween!

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