Check out these adorable pumpkin carving stencils from!!  I’ll be honest, I can not carve a pumpkin for anything. It always seems to be that I cut along the wrong spot and the next thing I know I have a gaping hole where the eyes and nose should have been. offers a solution for people like me, stencils :) offers 18 different stencils with easy, 6 step, instructions!

These are all really easy designs and perfect for younger children to do.

  1. Witch on a broomstick
  2. Ghost in a window
  3. RIP Tombstone
  4. Silly Cat
  5. Moon and Stars
  6. Witch Hat
  7. Spooky Jack-O-Lantern Face (shown above)
  8. Ghost
  9. Bird on a Branch
  10. Spider
  11. Hissing Cat on a Fence
  12. Bat
  13. Nice Jack-O-Lantern Face
  14. Crazy Eyes Jaco-O-Lantern Face
  15. Goofy Jack-O-Lantern Face
  16. Up to No Good Jack-O-Lantern Face
  17. Silly Jack-O-Lantern Face
  18. Cat Eyes

You will simply need : push pins, a carving knife, tape and one of these free printable pumpkin carving templates.

Here is one of my favorites, A Silly Cat – with instructions:

  1. Using a carving knife, cut a circle around the stem end of the pumpkin. Use a spoon to scoop out the seeds and fibers from the pumpkin’s center.
  2. Print this Cat Pumpkin Carving Template out. (PDF Format).
  3. Tape the stencil to your pumpkin.
  4. Using a push pin, make a dotted outline of the stencil pattern on your pumpkin.
  5. Peel the paper stencil off.
  6. Following the dotted lines you’ve made, carve your design into the pumpkin.
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