Celebrity Halloween Drink Costumes

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October 31st may be centered on children and candy, and but that doesn’t mean adults aren’t entitled to a little fun too with some Halloween drink costumes!

Celebrate an adult version of All Hallow’s Eve with some alcoholic liquid treats that will go perfectly with some of the most popular predicted Halloween costumes this season. 

If the Twitter-sphere is to be believed, this year the most popular costumes will be based on Psy, Miley Cyrus, a Sexy Fairy and the legendary Ron Burgundy.

halloween drink costumes

Halloween Drink Costumes

If you’re planning on rocking one of these iconic Halloween looks, you can raise spirits with these four devilishly delightful cocktails that can be the perfect Halloween Drink Recipes to match your celebrity Halloween Costume!

sobi style


2 oz. Sobieski Vanilia Vodka

½ oz. Marie Brizard White Cocoa Liqueur

3 oz. club soda

Shake Sobieski Vanilia Vodka and Marie Brizard White Cocoa Liqueur. Pour into a tall glass. Top with club soda. Op, op, op, op drink it Gangnam Style!

miley drink

The Twerk

3 oz. Sobieski Black Cherry Vodka

1 oz. cranberry juice

Dash of lemon-lime soda

For everyone dressing like Miley Cyrus this holiday weekend, this one’s for you.  Shake and serve over ice in your favorite glass.

fairy drink

The Sexy Fairy

½  oz. Lucid Absinthe

½  oz. triple sec

1 oz. pineapple juice

1 oz. Laurent Perrier Champagne

4-6 mint leaves

In a glass, add mint and triple sec, then muddle. Add ice, Lucid Absinthe, pineapple juice and Laurent Perrier Champagne. Garnish with a mint sprig.

ron drink

Mr. Burgundy

1 ½ oz. Sobieski Cytron Vodka

½ oz. fresh lime juice

½ oz. pomegranate juic

A star anchorman, needs a star cocktail and this is one Ron would appreciate. Shake all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and strain into a sugar rimmed martini glass. Garnish with an orange.

For extra flair, plan ahead by freezing the respective juice mentioned in the recipes in ice cube trays and adding them to your glass right before serving to keep your drink cold throughout the night without watering down your adult treat! 

Drink recipes and photos used with permission from Laurent-Perrier Champagnes and Sobieski vodkas.

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